Travel Agents: Listen up. A future world with no limits to what you sell, when you work and how much you make awaits you.

In this world, you’re never worried about hitting your cost of seat or concerned with how many rooms you’ve sold for your contracted suppliers.

You can choose to work only with clients who value your service over the bottom line.

You’re an expert after all, and your price tag includes your expertise.

In this new world, you also get to spend more time with your family and friends because you get to decide when you work. There’s no need to commute every day as you can work from home, the local café or on the go. But you’ll never be alone – you’ll have access to the best support imaginable.

As a travel agent with at least a few years of experience, you’ve already got what it takes to build your own brand. This new world is called Travel Counsellors. With a network of 1600 travel agents globally, Travel Counsellors empowers people to change their lives and run their own businesses by doing what they love.

Here are 3 reasons why being your own boss as a Travel Counsellor will change your world for the better.


1. You’ll earn way more money


Building your own business and becoming a Travel Counsellor puts you in the driving seat of your financial future.

With next to no start-up fees (no ATAS, rent, staff costs or GDS fees) and the best commissions, being a personal travel agent gives you an opportunity to be rewarded for the hard work you put in without having to distance yourself from the bit that got you hooked; creating bespoke travel experiences for your customers.

It’s hard to say exactly how many Benjamin’s you’ll be earning, but just to give you an idea, the top 15 percent earn over $100k per year. The best thing about Travel Counsellors is that it’s up to you to sell what you want, and to who you want.


2. You’ll achieve that coveted work/life balance


Work should fit around your life, not the other way around. Technology now makes it possible to work from anywhere at practically anytime, so why shouldn’t you be able to schedule work to suit your lifestyle and your customers?

Travel Counsellors have been offering travel experts a world free from the shackles of the 9-5 grind for the last 20 years, helping them achieve a work-life balance that satisfies the family, the funds and ultimately, the agent.

Whether it’s being able to do the school-run or take the day off without asking your boss, you can fit work around your day instead of your day around work. Also, your customers aren’t always able to talk about their holiday during business hours. Being available at their convenience is what makes your service personal and a cut above the rest.


3. You’re totally supported everyday


When you leave the 9-5 world and set afoot on a new journey, be assured that you’ll have all the support you need. You’re not expected to be an IT expert or marketing guru.

Travel Counsellors allows you to focus on selling holidays and giving your customers the best possible service, whilst taking care of all the admin (boring) stuff. Available 24/7, the 300-strong Head Office support team is always on hand to answer your questions and fix any issues (e.g. IT ) that may arise.

With an in-house business development team and marketing support that includes your own individual website, e-newsletters, social media channels and advertising templates for local area marketing, you’ll be fully equipped to hit the ground running.

Ready to make your change your world for the better with Travel Counsellors? Visit here and take the first step towards being your own boss.

How do you think your world might change  if you became a Travel Counsellor?

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