GRAND OPENING: Take a gander at New York's new Statue of Liberty Museum

New York marked 2019 as a ‘monumental year’ & it’s definitely shaping up to be so with the opening of a new neighbourhood, the city’s first outlet centre, & a 60s-themed hotel.

New York marked 2019 as a ‘monumental year’ & it’s definitely shaping up to be so with the opening of a new neighbourhood, the city’s first outlet centre, & a 60s-themed hotel.

Not to mention, the Beetlejuice musical made its debut on Broadway and now, the opening of The Statue of Liberty Museum.

The exciting new attraction opened its doors this month as a way to honour the iconic structure’s history, influence and legacy. We had a little squiz at the museum before it opened, and here’s what we found inside:


New York’s newest attraction is in a unique asymmetrical design that embraces its dramatic setting and offers spectacular views to Ellis Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Inside, visitors can explore three galleries – Engagement Gallery, Inspiration Gallery and Immersive Theatre -, each of which inspire and educate visitors on the compelling history of Lady Liberty.


The Immersive Theatre showcases historical footage.

The Immersive Theatre is a dramatic multi-media experience that weaves you through the theatre space by taking you on a journey. From 1865 when Frenchman Édouard Laboulaye a French jurist, anti-slavery activist, originated the  idea of a monument being presented by the French people to the United States, to 10 years later when sculptor Fredric Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to design the sculpture named “Liberty Enlightening World”, to its arrival in 200 crates in New York in June 1885. The historical footage is captivating as is the cinematic fly-through ascending the Statue that shows the interior plus the breathtaking views from the crown.

The Engagement Gallery is an opportunity to explore what took place in the sculptor’s studio with a series of multimedia displays where you get to experience the step by step process of Lady Liberty’s construction. There is even a replica of Lady Liberty’s foot which you are invited to touch  (when does that happen in a museum). Throughout this section, you get to delve deeper into the history, see artifacts, graphics and interactive media used over the years to explain the ideals of Liberty.


The Inspiration Gallery is definitely inspirational and thought-provoking. This is where you get to document your visit, express your views on what Liberty means to you,  by adding a self-portrait (equipped with the best selfie lighting) and a collage of more than 160 inspirational images that populates an ever-growing digital experience called Becoming Liberty. Your self-portrait image remains on the wall for 30 days, but you get to email to yourself the souvenir.

The final highlight is an up-close view of Liberty’ most iconic symbol – her original torch – held high for nearly 100 years. Rescued from the elements and replaced in 1986 the torch is a powerful artifact you get to encounter at the end of the museum experience.


The original torch sits in the museum.

The Statue of Liberty Museum has a rooftop worth visiting for another sweeping panoramic view of Lady Liberty and all of New York Harbour.

Access to the museum is free with the purchase of a ferry ticket to Liberty and Ellis Islands. Tickets start at US$18.50 for adults, US$14 for seniors and US$9 for children ages 4-12. Ferries depart from Battery Park in New York City.

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