GET ONBOARD: Become a Rocky Mountaineer Specialist

Described as one of the world's best rail journey, Rocky Mountaineer is a favourite with Aussie travellers when visiting Canada's Pacific North West and the Rocky Mountains.

Described as one of the world’s best rail journey, Rocky Mountaineer is a favourite with Aussie travellers when visiting Canada’s Pacific North West and the Rocky Mountains.

The iconic Rocky Mountaineer train offers 4 routes through the Rocky Mountains and 65+ unique holiday packages providing the perks of a luxury-travel product. They pass misty waterfalls, rushing rivers, cavernous gorges, and towering summits. The sparkling emerald colours of Lake Louise and the towering peaks in Banff and Jasper are some of the famous faces on schedule.

But with so many options how do travel agents know what’s best for clients looking to add a rail adventure to their Canadian trip?

The team at Rocky Mountaineer has developed three great tools for agents to make selling Rocky Mountaineer a snap!


1. Become a Rocky Mountaineer Specialist



TRACKS is an innovative online training program designed to help you better understand Rocky Mountaineer service levels, routes and packages. After completing 5 core modules you qualify as a Rocky Mountaineer Specialist giving you the ability to sell Rocky Mountaineer with confidence, access exclusive selling tools, special agent discounts and Learning Journey opportunities. Sign up today!

Visit Rocky Mountaineer’s TRACKS website here:


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2. Discover the agent portal

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Rocky Mountaineer’s easy-to-navigate Agent Portal makes it simple to access key tools and resources, learn top selling tips and tricks and book your clients journey online.

Register today to be instantly in the loop.

Visit Rock Mountaineer agent portal here:


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3. Sign up to receive inside TRACK

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Rocky Mountaineer’s useful e-newsletter Inside Track will drop into your inbox every month with updates on everything from market promotions and critical selling tools to features highlighting destinations and industry trends.

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What are you waiting for, get onboard now!


Got what it takes to be a Rocky Mountaineer Specialist?

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