Travel agents have that special ability to express what their feeling in short, pithy quotes that are worthy of being typed up, framed and hung on many an office wall around the country – preferably in the back office.

Although the vast, vast majority of them are forgotten only moments after they’ve been uttered, some are remembered for eternity, because they’re just so freaking awesome!

The ten quotes you’re about to read below have been scooped up from the frothy top of the travel agent collective cappuccino for the purposes of entertainment and/or enlightenment.

Oh great Aussie travel agents, what wise words say thee?!


JULIE S., 37-years-old


“I don’t need to give money to charity. I give away my time and expertise for free everyday!”


CHRIS B., 23-years-old


“Um, like why are we still using these old-as computer programs? I’m pretty sure I saw the exact same system in an excursion to the museum back in primary school!”


AMY D., 29-years-old


“If travel agents were useless, then you’d see nothing but five-star reviews for online booking websites. Have you been online recently?”


MIKE Z., 44-years-old


“I used to think there was no such thing as a stupid question. I stopped thinking like that a long, long time ago…”


JANE M., 33-years-old


“So you’d like to book an ocean view room in your London accommodation. Sure. Should we also organise the sun to come up a little later so you can sleep in on your first day?”


SHAUN G., 33-years-old

poses during an England cricket headshots session at the InterContinental Sydney on November 11, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

“I don’t understand. People can read the ‘Sydney to Bali’ and ‘$99’ parts, but not the ‘from’ part in the middle? Are they selectively blind?”


SARAH C., 43-years-old


“Okay, so the system has just crashed and the lines are busy. Wine!”


ANDY D., 33-years-old


“If I had a dollar every time someone asked me whether they could book at Student Flights even if they weren’t students, I’d probably take home more pay at the end of the month than I do now!”


BRIONY T., 26-years-old


“You are never too old to travel. But you are too old for that Contiki tour. Have any grandchildren?”


ARON P., 52-years-old


“All I ask is that people practice basic hygiene when they come into the store. Is that too much to ask?”

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