It’ll go down in conference history as the best for Helloworld Travel, unless the 2018 Frontliners in Fiji manages to top it with sun, resorts and bubbly Bula vibes.

We’ll have to wait a year to compare, but in the meantime Agents are still talking about last month’s conference, even (we imagine) Helloworld Travel’s boss, Andrew Burnes.

The 2017 gathering was informative through business updates and impressive keynote speakers, including the company’s very own David Padman who explained why Agents are cool again.

There were opportunities for Agents prove how much they know about suppliers through trivia and learn how to work with different personality types.

But of course, with over 650 people in attendance there were a number of hilarious random (Rusty) and very creatively planned (silent disco) moments, that made the 2017 conference truly memorable. These are just a few:


1. That truly multicultural welcoming

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 Night one

International dining, extreme Russian acrobats, incredible Latin musicians and er, whatever that man dressed as an Italian woman was – what a way to kick off the conference!


2. And realising the bosses are humble, hardworking & hilarious!

Helloworld NTK

Okay so we knew Andrew & Cinzia were hardworking when Helloworld Travel’s earnings exceeded $55m in the last financial financial year, but who knew they were so cool?!  They hung out with Agents all weekend, were completely approachable and their speeches ???? were full of hilarious one liners.


3. When Rusty couldn’t master the art of holding a microphone

Rusty Helloworld

RUSTY! Couldn’t hold a microphone, couldn’t pour beer properly; BUT ask him to sell you travel and you’ll find he’s an AWARD WINNING Agent! Go Rusty!


4. When everyone just wanted to talk about fruit

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 Apples

Here’s a tip for doctors to get people to eat more fruit, stop talking about the health benefits and start discussing how various types are associated to people’s personalities.

It was the most talked about breakout session all weekend because everyone wanted to know whether they were a banana, mango, lime or apple.

Shout out to my fellow mangoes with aspects of the bananas!


5. When APT had that ‘Family Feud’

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 APT

“Back by popular demand” and now we understand why!


6. And when a room full of Agents realised whistles on life jackets were completely useless

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 comedian

Seriously! Seriously! There goes any sense of safety for those inflight life jackets.


7. Walking around the corner to see that spectacular mountain-top view at Glen Albyn Estate

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 Views

Stunning! A truly magical evening.


8. Hobart’s beauty in general really

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 Views 2

It may have been a conference, but almost everyone managed to squeeze a little Hobart-time in. It was worth the effort to see such a gorgeous Australian city.


9. When Frontliners were surprised with a Silent Disco

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 Silent Disco



10. And for those watching the disco, when dancers broke out in a Whitney Houston number

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 girls singing

‘I Will Always Love You’ will never be the same for those watching the Silent Disco. Never.

Side note: there’s video footage of discoers belting out the classic ????


10. Jaws dropped when the doors opened to the Wonderland-themed Gala Dinner

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 Gala Dinner

Everyone went mad for those Mad Hatter hats.


Oh, an extra one! When Agents found out they were heading to Fiji in 2018


So, who in the office is getting that conference?


Okay one last one, when everyone finally found out Guy Sebastian was the surprise celebrity guest

Helloworld Travel Frontliners 2018 Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian! Still fan-girling.


See you in 2018 guys!

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What were some of your favourite moments at the Helloworld Travel Frontliners Conference?