Being a Travel Agent is getting harder & harder, sometimes it’s nice to know what others are doing to get ahead. That’s where Brisbane-based consultant, Mel Bobbermien steps in.

Do you ever sit and wonder, is there really such a thing as a ‘dumb question’? The answer is no. There are tonnes of hilarious questions though and Travel Agents get some of the best ones every single day.

Whether you need a pick me up or a reminder of the joys of travel, read on and prepare to literally laugh out loud.


#1 – Do we need to be twins to have Twin bedding? (I mean, Single guys & girls, get single bedding!)

#2 – How much is a flight from Brisbane to the Gold Coast?

#3 – Does my pet snake need a Visa for India? (Fun fact: YES!)

#4 – How much does my 7kg of carry-on luggage weigh?

#5 – If I cancel my holiday, can I still go? (Points for effort, right?!)

#6 – How long does it take to get to Rotorua, from anywhere?

#7 – Why do I have to stop on a RTW ticket? Can’t I just fly around the world?

#8 – Is Paris near France? (Technically, yes. Geographically, also yes!)

#9 – How long is the train from Sydney to Auckland? (I’d pack a wetsuit…)

#10 – Does Travel Insurance cover my camera being eaten by a clam? (Answer: Some do!)

#11 – How many pairs of socks should I pack?

#12 – Consultant: ‘You will need a Visa to travel to China.’ Customer: ‘But I only have a Mastercard?’

#13 – Can you book me on a plane that doesn’t go through turbulence?

#14 – Can I check my broom in? It won’t fit in my suitcase & I want to take it with me. (N.B Elphaba called – she wants her broom back!)

#15 – Can I see the state lines when I’m flying over them? I want a window seat so I can see the borders like the map…

#16 – When is Tsunami season in Thailand?

#17 – I want a guarantee there are no spiders in Vanuatu! (Okay, this isn’t so unreasonable…)

#18 – A crab stole my toothbrush. How do I get a refund for my entire holiday?

#19 – So, on this Arctic cruise – can I pat the polar bears?

#20 – Does ocean-view mean I will have a view of the ocean?


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What are some hilarious questions you’ve been asked?