3 Reasons Why You Need To Become A South Africa Specialist

Dreaming of a distant land of untamed wildness, natural beauty, intriguing history, and delicious cuisine? Yep? Well, it's time to discover South Africa.

Dreaming of a distant land of untamed wildness, natural beauty, intriguing history, and delicious cuisine? Yep? Well, it’s time to discover South Africa.

South Africa is an incredible all-around destination, boasting everything your clients could ever want from their next bucket list overseas trip.

So why not skill up and travel vicariously through the wonders of learning via technology, and get ready to wow your customers with how fabulous you are and how much you know about this wondrous country.

Here are 3 reasons to become a South Africa Specialist today. Sign up here.

3. Become an authority on South Africa and its attractions

The SA Specialist programme is a fun and interactive learning experience designed to improve your knowledge of South Africa and equip you with the skills to sell South Africa as a tourist destination.

As an expert on South African travel, you’ll be given the opportunity to market yourself as such and to improve the level of service you give to clients.

Plus, it might even sway you to start planning your very own adventure when borders reopen.

2. Build your destination knowledge

The beauty of this program is that it allows you to study in your own time when it suits you.

The course is broken down into two parts:

  • SA Specialist: Essentials
  • SA Specialist: Experiences

You have 90 days to complete the SA Specialist: Essentials course, which introduces you to South Africa and its attractions. 

You will need to successfully complete four compulsory modules, three elective modules (though you may choose to complete up to nine elective modules if you wish), and a final assessment in order to qualify as an SA Specialist – which you’ll obviously ace.

Then, once you’ve become an SA Specialist by completing the Essentials course, you qualify for the video-rich SA Specialist: Experiences course, which exposes you to a series of fantastic South African experiences. 

Choose one experience, or choose them all – it’s up to you. There’s no time limit on this one either – woop woop!

1. Get industry recognition as an expert in selling South Africa

Through the SA Specialist programme you will become a South African Tourism-accredited travel specialist who has the knowledge to sell South Africa as a destination.

You will also be entered into the South African Tourism (SAT) database of SAT Specialists, improving your marketability.

You will receive a certificate for your wall confirming that you have successfully completed the relevant course and will be entitled to use the name ‘SA Specialist’ or ‘South African travel expert’ in your marketing materials.

Oh yeah, and the courses are free – how good is that?

Become a South Africa Specialist today. Sign up here.