It’s that time of the year again, you know, the time when you definitely have to work the weekend. That’s right, it’s Travel Expo time.


This year’s season for Flight Centre has already kicked off and the numbers (err hello easy incentive boosters) are looking pretty sweet which is good news for everyone.

SO! To help you get through a hectic day of selling travel deals and dealing discounts, here’s 3 things we recommend you definitely shouldn’t do on the day.

And if you don’t work for Flight Centre – don’t stop reading yet! These tips work for any EXPO of any kind (And to be honest pretty much for any sales environment for Agents or suppliers too).

Let’s BEGIN!


1. Don’t drink (too much) the night before


This may seem an obvious one, but it is the weekend and let’s face the facts: you’re going to be up bright and early and standing around for hours. And you’re going to have to weave your way around (and be nice) to people all day.

Now, you DO NOT want to be hungover whilst doing this. Trust me, I’ve been there, and at no other time in my life did I pray to God to just take me, then and there.

Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I definitely wasn’t a happy camper for the first few hours of that painful morning, and I don’t think you will be too – if you’re hungover.

You also won’t sell much. Which will hurt far longer than your hangover.

And you’ll smell like the pub. Which is not cool.


2. Don’t wear heels


I know you want to look your best, but do you really want to put your poor feet through hours of gruelling pain at the Expo?

I don’t usually wear heels myself – except on Tuesdays, ha! – but I have spoken to a lot of Flighties and suppliers alike through the years and the verdict is unanimous: Travel Expo + heels = pure hell.

However, Travel Expo + flats = Great success (to quote Borat). So, what will you be choosing?

For the men, I’d suggest comfy (Pure cotton – not sweaty polyester) socks and your favourite shoes. This isn’t the day to put on that brand new leather pair you bought in the ICONIC sale either. Unless you want to end up limping around from the blisters you’ll end up with.


3. Don’t spend too long with potential clients


An Expo is not the time to make long-lasting connections with potential clients, nor is it the time to sit down with a cuppa and hear their life story.

Instead, think of an Expo in the same way you’d think of a speed dating event. The purpose of speed dating is to meet as many “potentials” as possible, see if you connect, and then exchange details.

It’s the same with an Expo. Use the event to meet as many people as possible, see if you gel personally AND professionally, and then get and give contact details. That’s it.


Of course, if you meet people who are ready to book, then go for it then and there, making sure you do it quickly.

But most deals are valid for some time after the Expo ends, and your time would be better spent just grabbing that deposit and finding new, potential clients.


OK, so what should you do?


Apart from staying well-hydrated, here are some tips to make the most of any Expo.

  • Make sure you smell good. Seriously! Perfume yourself up and get your game face on.
  • Make sure you’re well-stocked with booking forms.
  • Keep your phone charged – you will need to make calls and people will need to be able to contact you. (Hint: Buy a pocket charger as power points will be in hot demand)
  • Take plenty of business cards.
  • Specialise in a few of the deals and really get to know them, instead of trying to remember them all.
  • Breathe and count to ten in those ‘trying’ moments. Life’s too short to get angry.
  • Smile, get passionate and enthusiastic about what you’re selling – No-one wants to talk to a ‘Computer says no’ Agent.

That’s it, guys. Good luck and here’s to making your incentive dreams come true this year.

What else shouldn’t you do at an Expo? Let us know in the comments below.