TMS Talent have been serving the Aussie travel industry for over two decades, but an injection of new ideas and technologies into the company within the last two years heralds an exciting new period of expansion.

Having the support and expertise of a leading recruitment and HR firm behind you – who specialise in the travel and tourism industry – is vital in helping you find the right job.

But nothing ever stands still in the travel industry, and sometimes an injection of new ideas, technologies and experienced personnel is needed to take things to the next level – especially when it comes to the world of HR and recruitment.

Keeping up with the times and continually evolving its business and expertise, TMS Talent have been busily perfecting the art of tailored recruitment, and boy are we excited!

Here are four reasons why you should be excited about TMS Talent too.


1. New brands, re-brands, and more!


Never one to sit on its laurels, TMS Talent have recently re-branded from TMS Asia Pacific, which reflects its ambitions beyond APAC.

The recruitment and HR experts have also introduced some exciting new brands into the family, such as TMS Executive, TMS Talent and TMS Graduate (coming soon), all intended to reflect the company’s commitment to tailored recruitment.

TMS Executive helps businesses make executive-level hirings with award-winning technology that includes advanced behavioural profiling and tailored competency assessments.

TMS Talent will continue to provide contract and temporary recruitment support for businesses in Australia and globally, utilising a range of tools (such as psychometric assessments and video interviews) to ensure the right candidate is hired for the job.

And coming very soon, TMS Graduate will give companies the chance to hand-pick promising graduates and turn them into tomorrow’s travel industry superstars!


2. They’re expanding their presence at home & abroad


First there was the Sydney office, now there’s the newly-opened Brisbane office, and coming soon in 2017, a new presence in Melbourne will make TMS Talent one of Australia’s leading HR and recruitment partners for the travel and tourism industry.

But they aren’t just content on growing just at home. Expanding the reach of its business to the world beyond Australia, New Zealand and Asia, TMS Talent is now officially global, offering its expertise and assistance in travel and tourism recruitment to other businesses and individuals around the world.

Indeed, these expansionist moves reflect TMS Talent’s commitment to being the number one recruiter to the industry.


3. A new team with truck loads of expertise is ready to help you


Within the last two years, an exciting new team of experienced professionals have been assembled to breathe new life in TMS Talent, and the recent record of expansion speaks to the success of the placements.

John Terry, Managing Director of TMS Talent, brings with him an impressive wealth of recruitment and management experience, as well as a firm commitment to personalising the recruitment process.

Ainslie Hunt, Executive Recruiter, is able to utilise her 12+ years in travel recruitment experience to help agents achieve greater success in their careers. And Sean Jeddaoui, General Manager of the new Brisbane office, injects over 15 years of experience in recruitment into the mix.

Of course, these guys are then backed by a superstar team that each bring their own vital skills and experience to the table.


4. Not just recruitment anymore…


In a continual effort towards growth and expansion (and part of the re-brand mentioned above), TMS Talent is now providing much more than just recruitment.

Now able to provide industry advice, position descriptions, trend information, salary benchmarking and organisational chart plans, TMS Talent is able to leverage on its 22 years of experience across Australia and Asia in the travel and tourism sectors to provide exceptional support and analysis to help your travel business grow.

In addition to providing vital analytics support, TMS Talent can also partner with travel businesses and tailor make recruitment models to suit their needs, again emphasising their commitment to tailored recruitment.

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