Whether you’re a complete novice or an old hat, there’ll always be something new to learn in the Qantas Learning Hub. And as they say: knowledge is power – in this case, the power to sell.

Accessible any time, anywhere, and on any device, the Qantas Learning Hub puts the power to learn in your hands. You’ll have access to learning modules across three different levels and five different categories, each taking between two and twenty minutes to complete.

Here are five reasons why you should join the Qantas Learning Hub today.


1. You’re in charge of what, when & how you learn


Take the reigns of your educational fate with the Qantas Learning Hub and choose what you want to learn and how you’ll learn it. Do you prefer watching videos or listening to podcasts? Or do you prefer to be more interactive and participate in live classrooms?

However you prefer to learn, you’ll be able to use the Learning Hub to fill any gaps in your education and up your game in any areas you feel you could improve.


2. Have access to upcoming events


Keep up-to-date with upcoming learning opportunities and modules, as well as experience days and face to face events, through the live learning calendar. New live classrooms are loaded into the portal up to 12 months in advance, helping agents plan their own educational future and sign up before anyone else.

For team leaders and managers, insight into what’s coming up over the next year helps them prepare their teams and get them in good stead for new challenges that inevitably arise in the industry.


3. You can connect with Qantas LIVE


Being able to learn from wherever you are through the magic of the internet is definitely one of the key strengths of the Qantas Learning Hub. For example, you can up your Qantas game on the train ride to/from work, when you’re back at home curled up on the couch, or even on your lunch break.

But sometimes you may want to feel part of a traditional classroom environment, where you’ll be able to interact with the teachers and students.

Addressing these concerns, Qantas runs its own live classrooms which are held every two weeks and give agents like yourself the chance to feel like a student again and come away a better, smarter and more effective Qantas expert.


4. It’s a great return on investment


Unlike other learning portals that have a one-size-fits-all approach to educating agents, the Qantas Learning Hub is completely customisable – you’ll only spend time learning stuff that actually matters.

This means you’ll get a fantastic return on your time investment, as you’ll only be spending time developing skills and increasing knowledge that directly impact your day-to-day role as a Travel Agent.


5. Exciting developments are coming!


For all you tough nuts out there still looking for more compelling reasons to sign up to the Qantas Learning Hub, you’ll be pleased beyond your years to learn that a range of exciting new developments are currently in the works that will be released over the coming weeks and months.

These developments include a more personalised dashboard, interactive videos, user-generated content and access to incentives.

Find out for yourself just how awesome the Qantas Learning Hub is (even in its present state) by clicking here and exploring the site. It only takes 60 seconds to register and you’ll have access to all its digital learning goodness instantly!

Besides signing up to the Qantas Learning Hub, what ELSE will you be doing today?

This article was brought to you by Qantas.