Travel agents are honest, hardworking people who generally have the patience of a saint. But they also know how to have a good time!

Let’s face it. Travel agents are freaking great and absolutely hilarious in every way. They’re usually extraverts and sometimes have a little too much energy to be sat at a desk all day.

Especially after getting twenty-nine quotes for ‘Susan’, who wanted to go “anywhere” … except for the USA, Pacific, Asia or Europe.

So, we ponder… what exactly do travel agents do when nobody’s watching?


1. They put on a one-man show…

OMG !! Travel Agent – The Musical 🎢 coming along swimmingly ! It’s going to be a sensation πŸ‘ πŸ˜ƒ ✈️ 🎢 COMING SOON !!!! #travelagentthemusical

Posted by Sebastian's Travel Gossip on Friday, September 6, 2019

Because they TOTALLY need to rehearse for that star-studded new musical in Broadway they’ll one day move to NYC and star in.


2. They eat all the food (ALL THE FOOD)…

Karry On - Travel Agents

From Panda Cookies to jelly beans, sausage rolls to chips, trail mix and cupcakes. Let’s be honest, a secret food drawer near your desk is kind of an unwritten rule.


3. They dress up…

Karry On - Travel Agents

We’re not sure what it is about travel agencies but they’ll probably have some kind of fancy dress stash somewhere in the workplace.

Sombreros, Mickey Mouse ears, Sailor hats, Ski gear, hula coconuts, Borat mankinis… you name it, a Travel Agent has more than likely put it on and catwalked down the office in it.

Not only is it good for team morale, but it’s also great for your Instagram feed.


4. They’re always planning their next holiday…

Karry On - Travel Agents

Sometimes the job can be challenging (I’ll have quote #30 with you in the next hour Susan) and we all need something to look forward to, to get us through the working week. Perks of the job, right?

LIFEHACK: Befriend an agent if you want the best up to the minute deals.


5. They put travel brochures on the floor & have a skidding competition…

Everyone loves a bit of friendly but slightly dangerous childish fun. (FYI, the thinner brochures work the best)

Just don’t tell HR.