It’s almost here! The beginning of an epic time, the start of something great, the launch of something that will be spoken about for years to come, the commencement of Flight Centre Travel Group’s annual Global Gathering.

Although it’s an incredible and entirely memorable time (except for those times when alcohol takes over) every year, 2019 will be particularly special because it’s set in Las Vegas!

Vegas baby!

But before consultants board their chartered flights and let the dogs out for an epic time, we thought we’d take another look in the crystal ball to see exactly what’s in store for the group… and it’s looking a lot like The Hangover.

Not just the physical ailment after heavy drinking but the movie!

If the movie The Hangover is anything to go by, here are a few things Agents can expect this weekend at Global Gathering:



Okay, this is only entirely true for two handfuls of you.

We all know there’s going to be at least one celebrity performing or speaking at this year’s gathering (it’d be really odd if there wasn’t) and we think it’ll either be the Spice Girls or Celine Dion (actually, we have two lists of celebrities we think it might be click here for the first and here for the second).

Anyhoo, only 10 Travel Agents will actually get a chance to meet the star guest (thanks to Air New Zealand) much-like when the Wolf Pack met Mike Tyson.

FRIENDLY WARNING: Don’t say anything that’ll get you punched.



You may not be staying in the Caesars Palace Penthouse, but it’s Vegas where almost all rooms are a treat.

Kick back, treat yo’ self to some room service and don’t forget to enjoy hotel facilities before you begin an intensive weekend of conferencing.

BIT OF ADVICE: As lush as your accommodation is, make sure you always check the bathroom for a tiger.



While ya’ll may not actually be tying the knot this week (or will you?!), a lot of new professional relationships will most certainly be made.

The word ‘Global’ isn’t just there for decoration, Flight Centre’s conference is literally a global event with people from around the world attending (thanks to the company’s portfolio growth worldwide).

Be sure to get out there, socialise and shake hands with someone you’ve never met before.

PLEASE: Don’t celebrate any new friendships by pulling out a tooth. You’ll definitely regret it.



the hangover - doug

The American Airlines-sponsored pool party is going to be wild right?! Yeah, just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

It’s easy to forget that Vegas is actually in the desert (especially when you’ve had a few too many), which means it’s just as easy for your skin to take a pink-more-like-bright-red bruising.

TRY NOT TO: Get stuck on a roof because you’ll surely burn up there.




With thousands of people in attendance, you’re likely to spend more time searching for mates than hanging with them.

So set up a buddy system now and don’t forget to decide on a ‘meeting spot’ before the conference begins.

IN THE EVENT SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY MISSING: Don’t forget to check everywhere, including the roof.


6. A HANGOVER – 100%!

This one we can almost guarantee for everyone attending this weekend!

The charter flights over may be party central, but the way back will be one big slumber party.

WATCH OUT FOR: Your drinks! Don’t leave them alone or take anything from someone you don’t know. Have a great and safe time.



Look, we could beat around the bush with this one but on the off-chance that ya’ll can’t be bothered reading this piece in full (because you are, right?!) we’ll cut to the chase, be careful this weekend.

Don’t get so drunk that you go around accidentally stealing people’s babies – it’s not cool and it’s 100% illegal.

OH AND ALSO: Wear protection. Don’t come home with a baby (unless you’re actively trying in which case we’re sending you all positive fertility thoughts).


What other parts of The Hangover do you think Agents will experience this weekend?