An A380 bound for Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Sydney on Thursday, after the mid-air discovery of a precious missing item.

What could have been a catastrophic disaster of the snackable kind thankfully turned into a good news story on Thursday after a pilot was re-united with the packed lunch he’d left behind on the crew bus at Sydney Airport.

The pilot who wishes to remain nameless had reportedly left his pack up on the ground after getting into a heated discussion with a colleague about the new A330’s wingtip aero dynamics prior to take off.

Rushing to get off the bus and attempt to win the stirring debate, consequently Captain X had left his Tupperware Bento styled box sitting on a crew bus seat.


A similar looking Bento Box (Minus Gingerbread man)

It was almost an hour later into the A380’s flight, at an altitude of 35,000 feet en-route to LAX that the pilots absent minded mistake was discovered, causing panic in the cockpit.

“It was quite a scary moment at the time” said Captain X holding back the tears, “That pack up was a super special one because my 4 year old daughter, ‘Skye’ had secretly put a gingerbread man in she’d made at pre-school. It even looked like me with googly eyes and orange hair made out of tinsel. There was no way I was leaving that behind” he said.

The crew decided that turning the plane around was the only option and Sydney airport was notified to prepare the runway for the flights emergency landing with the call sign ‘Ginger’ enabled.


The apparent tension in the cockpit was palpable and palatable

“I was nervous. My stomach was doing somersaults” said Captain X, “You go through all of the intense flight training to become a pilot, but when the time actually comes to confront a real emergency mid-air, it really is white knuckle stuff.”

“All I could think about was never seeing that funny, googly Gingerbread face again. It was a gut wrenching thought.”

After circling Sydney Airport five times, the A380 touched down unscathed to applause from passengers and crew and the pilot was reunited with his Bento box and most importantly, the gingerbread man shortly after.

The pilot praised the diligent actions of his fellow crew who he said “Handled the situation very calmly and were outstanding in a sticky situation.” He followed on by saying; “They were all very welcome to share some of the gingerbread man”.

The pilot later declined to comment on just who got to eat which body part.

The scene shortly after 'ginger' was re-united with the pilot

The scene shortly after ‘ginger’ was re-united with the pilot

All 338 passengers onboard the flight were told that a safety light had come on in the cockpit and that the plane was landing in Sydney purely for ‘precautionary measures.’

Despite a three hour delay on the ground before the plane took off again, most passengers were generally upbeat about the inconvenience.

“It’s all good” said Megan Townsend (26) from San Souci in South Sydney, “You can never be too careful when it comes to safety. It’s not like the pilot just forgot his lunch or something trivial like that is it?” She laughed.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously, unless you want to that is.