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AFTA: "Home quarantine makes sense" for the Arrival Revival of international travel

AFTA has agreed with PM Scott Morrison that the next step in Australia's #ArrivalRevival should be home quarantine becoming the norm.

AFTA has agreed with PM Scott Morrison that the next step in Australia’s #ArrivalRevival should be home quarantine becoming the norm.

Yesterday the prime minister labelled South Australia’s trial of home quarantine a model for the rest of the country once 80 per cent of over-16s are fully vaccinated.

He said he wants to see home quarantine become the norm, which will allow space in quarantine facilities to be reserved for international travellers such as backpackers.

AFTA has agreed with this, and this morning released a statement that echoed the sentiment that home quarantine is an important step towards getting more Australians travelling again internationally once the 80% double vaccination threshold is reached.

But in addition to making sure that international departures are not limited to the number of available hotel quarantine places, AFTA calls on the need for State Premiers to commit to honouring National Cabinet’s agreed position on the roadmap to re-opening.

We still imagine this is how the international roadmap looks like at the moment.

“We are watching the current trial of home quarantine in South Australia very keenly. Home quarantine would mean an immediate boost to the number of Australians able to start international leisure and business travel because the restriction of available hotel quarantine places no longer applies,” said AFTA Chair Tom Manwaring.

“This becomes an even more compelling case for those who have been double vaxed and travelling between Australia and Safe Travel Zones.”

“At the core of this though needs to be a commitment from all State Leaders that they will stick to National Cabinet’s agreed re-opening plan beginning from the 80% vaccination threshold via Safe Travel Zones,” he continued.

“We simply can’t have state borders snapping closed and people returning home from international travel to find themselves stranded outside their home state.
“Australia’s travel sector has been in hard lockdown since March 2020 and consumer confidence in booking travel is already shaky at a domestic level because of the stop-start state border closures.

“We need Government at all levels to support Australia’s business sector and consumers with measures that promote and sustain confidence in booking their international travel with their local travel agents,” Manwaring concluded.

Do you agree with AFTA? Do you think home quarantine is the key to a successful international border reopening? Let us know, email