If attracting corporate clients is part of your 2018 goals, then you may want to start by getting to know what the market values most and delivering on it.

The good news is, you don’t have to do too much research to figure out what business travellers are looking for because Egencia has done it for you.

Through a recent survey, the business travel arm of the Expedia Group learned that corporate clients have shifted their attitude towards comfort over the last few years, and are now looking for more convenience.

In fact, 90 percent said they’d rather spend their corporate dollars on a conveniently located hotels (31 percent) or direct flights (29 percent) than flying in Business Class or other personal comforts.

Egencia said this shift towards convenience over comfort allows them to save time and show up to conference and meetings “rested”.

Another fact more and more business travellers value, according to Egencia, is independence with their bookings. Around 48 percent of corporates said that while they don’t want to organise travel solo, they do want to be able to control elements of the booking themselves.

What this sense of independence means for Agents, is providing them with easy-to-use tools to see and adjust itineraries and plans.

Beyond convenience and empowerment, some 82 percent of business travellers are looking for consultants that’ll help them do the right thing and book travel that’s within corporate policy.

And of course, there’s cost. Egencia’s Vice President of Marketing, Wendy White, said that although the “days of mindless cost-cutting” are gone, corporates are still looking to deliver savings.

“While travel managers are still expected to deliver savings, the stakes are now much higher.”

Wendy White, Egencia Vice President of Marketing


Does knowing what your client values help you sell?