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Making sure that the kids are entertained throughout the entire travel experience is key to a happy holiday for everyone. So how’s it done? Box for Monkeys Founder Sarah Donges shares her five favourite hacks.

Offering a high level of customer service is why your customers choose to use a Travel Agent over doing it themselves online.

You’re the expert and your clients love you for it.

But to give you an even bigger edge over those pesky competitors, you need to ensure you are always looking after the kids as well as the parents.

Here’s five of our favourite hacks to make parents with kids come back for you and the service you offer time and time again. Did someone say McHappy meal? Following this steps is a gazillion times healthier for everyone:


1.Kid’s Zone in the Agency


Setting up a kid’s zone inside your agency is a great way to keep kids entertained whilst their parents book a holiday. All you need is a kids table, chairs, a jar of coloured pencils, some colouring-in, a basket of toys and books.

If you don’t have space for a dedicated kid’s area, a basket of toys and books is a great place to start. Toys wise, anything plastic that can be cleaned easily is ideal. Board books and picture books will cover kids from ages 0-10. Make sure the toys are cleaned regularly and replaced if they become broken, this will show you care about the kids and the experience they have.


2. Give a small gift


Give a small gift to the kids after their parents book a holiday. Whether it’s a pair of socks for a winter holiday or an activity book, a gift for the kids will be remembered by the parents as well as the kids.


3. Send a voucher to the family


More than likely you will have the whole family’s names on file. Send the family a travel voucher and address it to the whole family. Include a list of great family friendly hotels, holidays or experiences.


4. Send a checklist


Send a checklist email to the parents before their holiday with kids. Add in items like nappies, wipes, hand sanitizer, a change of clothes for the kids on air travel, sealed snacks, formula, activity books, travel friendly toys, insurance and anything else you think is important. Emails like this will be saved as a favourite for future trips.


5. Send a VIP care box for the family


Everyone loves to receive post, for VIP clients a care box for the whole family before a trip would be an amazing gift to receive. Include items like, snacks, socks, activity books, hand cream, ear plugs, a notebook are just a few suggestions.

Make sure you always send it with a handwritten card, nothing says you care more than taking the time to write a note.

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