It’s hard for some to picture making $300,000 in a year let alone THREE MONTHS, but that’s what Travel Agent and business owner, Sue Wright managed to do.

What’s even more incredible is that the impressive sales were made by the Travel Agent after a three-year hiatus.

TRUE STORY! But let’s backtrack to three (maybe four) months earlier…


Sue was contemplating returning to the industry after a three-year break but was feeling nervous about technological changes that had taken place during her absence.

She said the idea of learning Amadeus and Tramada seemed “a little scary” and she needed to find an agency group that would provide the right support as this would possibly be her “biggest hurdle”.

In came TravelManagers.


After doing her research, she said the home-based group seemed like a “no-brainer” because they had the training, support, experience and security in place AND she liked the idea that she could set her own commission goals and not aim to achieve “some ridiculous sales target”.

Wright said she believes that TravelManagers’ business formula and the work flexibility that comes with running a mobile agency allowed her to hit the ground running and achieve the incredible success of $300,000 in sales in three months.


“I went into this new enterprise with complete faith that it would work, but I have to say it’s evolved so much faster than I ever anticipated, particularly given I was out of the industry for three years.”

Sue Wright, Personal Travel Manager (PTM) for Shoal Point, Queensland

TravelManagers’ Michael Gazal believes Sue’s successful return can be attributed to her impressive reputation, which she earned through hard work during a previous role.

Gazal said he had no doubt Sue would be successful as a PTM but he never fully anticipated how “quickly her passion to contribute to the building of the TravelManagers family in her home state would evolve”.

Well done Sue!


If you’re wondering where a Travel Agent goes after making $300,000 in three months, Sue said she plans to continue focusing on building her business by creating enjoyable experiences for her clients.

“People sit at the heart of what I do – I am focused on the customer experience.”

Sue Wright, Personal Travel Manager (PTM) for Shoal Point, Queensland

“For me, it’s about being present and really connecting with people, ensuring that my clients receive the best possible service and if I can help in any way to build a family of fantastic PTMs that I can support and inspire to be successful in their own business that to me is truly fulfilling.

“All I can say is this is only the beginning.”


Have you experienced a significant spike in sales lately?