If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times – every Travel Agent needs to be across social media to reach more travellers and attract new clients.

That’s the advice TravelManagers’ Joshua Faddoul reiterating to Travel Agents during the group’s annual conference in Hawaii because that’s where their future clients and looking to be inspired.

Faddoul told KARRYON that he joined the mobile brand in 2014 with zero clients and knew he needed to set up an online presence to build his client base.

Which is exactly what he did.


Now, four years later, he has a lucrative Facebook following of over 2,100 followers that gives him enough business to “being able to make the most amount of money as possible, in the least amount of time as possible while doing whatever he wants”.

“Facebook is where people are, you have to be on there too.”

Joshua Faddoul, Personal Travel Manager

Hoping to inspire his Travel Agent friends to reach the same level of digital success, Faddoul offers these five easy-to-implement Facebook tips:


Post regularly & post personal

“I started by posting about my trips on my page and my business page. This got a lot of response and showed followers that I’m familiar with various destinations.”


Share client love

“As well as posting my photos, I share photos of my clients on the holidays I booked. I think people want to see photos of clients and the opportunities I helped them receive.”

“Also, post their testimonials – through text or video. If their friends see someone they know that’s booked with me that’s good – it’s like referral through Facebook.”


This sets you up as an expert

“Everyone wants to book with someone they trust. Seeing personal and client pictures prove that I know a destination and they consider me an expert.


Share challenging stories

“If there are any challenging bookings, I sometimes write about it and how I resolved it.”


Imitation is the best form of flattery


“If you’re unsure of which type of content to post, I say find a few Facebook pages that you like and use them as inspiration.”


Invest in your posts


“Posts can do well on their own, but I like to invest in my page to reach more people. $5 here, $5 there, it makes a difference.”


Don’t expect an immediate booking


“The desire to book builds up over time. People need to see it a bit before they make a decision.”


Do you have any other tips for a Travel Agent on social media?