It’s easy to judge a book by its cover; society programs us to do so. However, pre-judging new clients as an Agent could mean missing out commission opportunities on luxury bookings.

That’s one bit of advice from Sanctuary Retreats’ Global Sales and Marketing Director, who urged consultants to never assume clients can’t afford a luxury product.

In an exclusive Q&A with KARRYON, Pieter van der Schee said he found that although established Aussie Agents are successful at selling luxury and boutique accommodation, the newbies sometimes find it daunting to suggest quality stays to their clients.


Image: Sanctuary Retreats

“Never assume that a client will not be able to afford, or is not interested in smaller, more luxury packages because the prices are often not that much more, particularly when you take into account all the inclusions.”

Pieter van der Schee, Sanctuary Retreats Global Sales & Marketing Director

Another tip Pieter offered for Agents hoping to sell more luxury travel is to always explain the benefits because quality is what most travellers are looking for.


Image: Sanctuary Retreats

Product knowledge was also flagged as important by Pieter because “the experience and the quality are the most important considerations for luxury clients”.

For Agents who are unsure about selling high-end product, the Global Sales and Marketing Director reminded them that luxury clients are “less promiscuous” than other travellers and are more likely to turn into loyal customers as they recognise and appreciate great service.


What are your tips for selling more high-end travel?