It’s incentive season & there’s no shortage of goodies for consultants to win, including a trip to Disneyland, a US$100 shopping gift card, a Peru fam & a free cruise! If that wasn’t enough, Travel Agents can now win a free trip…

… TO ANYWHERE included in the Explore Worldwide program.

Explore launched a new incentive in Australia whereby any consultant who books five passengers will receive a free trip for themselves.

There’s no ‘be in the running’, it’s a straight-up ‘take the free holiday’. Although, there are a few catches.

The first catch is that bookings need to be made between the incentive period of 1 June to 31 December 2019, and they must be registered online by clicking here.

All bookings must be paid in full before requesting the free trip AND it must be taken by 31 October 2020.


Click here for more information + T&Cs.

Explore Worldwide has more than 600 trips for Agents (and their clients, of course) to choose from including cycling the backroads of Kerala, walking Amalfi’s Walk of the Gods, or sleeping under the stars in Jordan’s desert.


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