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Agent Insights: Ben Morgan, Flight Centre

Are you prepared to level up and take your consulting to the next level? Want to glean tips and tricks from superstar Travel Agents? Then you've come to the right place. 

Are you prepared to level up and take your consulting to the next level? Want to glean tips and tricks from superstar Travel Agents? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

At KarryOn, we’re all about helping Travel Agents be the best they can be.

That’s why we regularly feature Travel Agents as part of our Agent Insights series. It’s a platform for you guys to tell the world exactly what you do, your challenges, your tips, and your opinions of the industry moving forward.

This week we’re chatting to Ben Morgan who is the Manager at Flight Centre in Camberwell, over in Melbourne.

Let’s hear what he has to say about the industry he’s been in for 18 years.

Take it away Ben.


See that guy in the middle, in between those two lovely ladies? Yep, that’s Ben.

What exactly do you do and how long have you done it?

I am the Manager of our Flight Centre Camberwell team and have been in this position for three years now.

I have worked in the travel industry for 18 years.

Pretend I’m a potential client for a moment. What do you do that separates you from the pack?

I am here for you the entire time, from the early stages of planning until the day you get home and all the time in between.

I am accessible and genuinely want to exceed all of your expectations. My repeat business means everything to me and is my way of ensuring I am looking after my clients.

Let’s travel back in time. What do you wish you knew back when you started working as a travel agent? And what do you think some of the common mistakes travel agents make when starting off?

I really wish I didn’t have the mentality that everyone is looking for the cheapest prices.

It is a common mistake still made today. Everyone is different and so much of what we do today is about the experience and not always the price.

Being able to provide value is imperative and we all value things differently. You have to be able to sell yourself before you sell travel, be genuine in everything you do, and show genuine care.

Have you ever managed to turn a customer complaint into something positive? If so, how did you do it?

I recently had an elderly couple make an appointment to come and see me because they did not feel comfortable dealing with one of the more inexperienced consultants and felt they were not being looked after.

While they were complaining to a degree, I was able to reassure them with certainty that I want the same outcome as them, and that is for them to trust that we will take care of them. What potentially was going to be a rather costly cancellation turned out to be a multi-stop Asia trip.

What are your biggest challenges at the moment?

The Internet will always be a challenge but it is a challenge we embrace. It informs so much of our life and we understand that people use and will continually use this platform going forward.

We understand our position in the market and we have something the Internet can never have and that is customer service. We provide an experience that makes people want to come back to us and – more importantly – when they have questions or concerns a direct point of contact to make things right.

What are you doing to turn that around?

As mentioned above, we embrace the Internet and know we are a vital part of the validation process for people when planning their travel.

We have so many advantages over the Internet with the value and experience that we can provide, which ultimately ensures that the customer feels safe.


Ok, last but not least: how do you see the industry evolving in 2016?

Budget airlines and cruises in a nutshell.

The cruise industry continues to grow at triple digit rates and we continue to see bigger and better ships that open the world to those who want to do cruise it in style.

Low cost airlines can now take you around the world (literally) and there is nowhere you cannot reach via these low cost carriers.

For travellers who prefer to spend their money on the “once we are there” elements of their holiday, over the “journey,” then there are some amazing options, too. Some airlines even have flat beds, for example.

Where can people find you if they’d like to make contact?

Flight Centre Camberwell has one of the best locations in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We are located at the junction opposite the famous Rivoli Cinemas.

Come and say hello to one of the most experienced Teams in Melbourne and talk everything travel! You can reach me: Tel: 03 98828922

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So what are your key takeaways from Ben? Let us know in the comments below.