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Journey Beyond Sep campaign

So what is Designer Journeys? Plus 7 ways they are helping Aussie agents

You've seen the name a bunch over the last few months but do you know what Designer Journeys do and how they're shaking up the travel game?

You’ve seen the name a bunch over the last few months but do you know what Designer Journeys do and how they’re shaking up the travel game?

Whether it’s uncovering the hidden gems in Swaziland or making the best of Myanmar before the tourists take over – Designer Journeys combines travel agents and suppliers from all over the world to give you quick, easy & accurate itineraries. What a dream right?

We spoke to the new kids in the industry and we must say, we’re pretty impressed. Here are 7 ways Designer Journeys are helping Aussie agents…

1. Quick and Easy


Jump online, find your destination, submit an enquiry and away you go. Once you’ve submitted your enquiry, you receive a call from the Travel Concierge within 1 hour and an itinerary within 48 hours that can be booked instantly. Wait, what?

2. Personalised itineraries

Designer Journeys is the leading private tailored travel platform with 220+ highly qualified in-destination local suppliers, over 55 countries. Connecting you directly with in-destination local suppliers who will design and customise your enquiry to suit the needs of your customer… is this what heaven looks like?

3. Trip inspiration in one click


If you’re going to Africa, chances are there is already an itinerary available in the system, how good!

In fact, there are hundreds of itineraries already available which you can use as a starting point to customise any trip. There is a Trip Gallery for each destination – it’s all user generated – so the more people that use the system, the more itineraries will be available. Or if you want to keep your itinerary private that’s ok too, as you get your own ‘Private Trip Gallery’ and you can choose whether or not to share your epic itinerary.

4. One stop shop

Don’t waste any more time adding bits and pieces through different suppliers – Designer Journeys is the start & finish of the journey. You can plan, customize, chat, book & pay for tailored private travel all in the one place and in AUD. Designer Journeys connects you directly to the local in-destination supplier. Talk about saving time or what!

5. Incentives galore


For starters, sign up to Designer Journeys and get $25 Mastercard Gift Cards for all genuine enquiries submitted by 30th June. There is no limit on enquiries, they just can’t be tests! Secondly, they’re offering generous commissions with full pricing control… we’re in love.

6. Customer Friendly

This is probably our favourite part because let’s face it, who doesn’t like documentation? Travel Itineraries are white labelled with Travel Agency branding and can be shared directly with your customers via social media, email, web link or auto generated branded pdf.. You can even choose whether the price is displayed or not.

7. Travel Concierge Support


The International support team are on hand 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure any question or email you receive at 9pm is answered. It’s also great for independent agents who might not work the normal hours but still need things done – life finally just got easier!

Whether it’s two days or twenty-two days, the Designer Journeys team have finally filled the gap in the market that makes the lives of Agents, Customers and on-ground suppliers – easier. How? By making sure all of the information to create that perfect itinerary is available from one place, meaning the trip of a life time is guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Designer Journeys today!

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This article was written by KARRYON contributor Mel Bobbermien

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