Setting sail into 2020, 1000 Mile Travel Group’s mobile Travel Experts from across Australia and the UK came together last week for their annual conference on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas in Sydney.

The recently refurbished vessel embarked on the afternoon of Saturday the 30th, launching the company out into open waters where Travel Experts settled at sea and the Head Office planning day commenced.

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The sun set over the ocean as the 1000 Mile family shared the night together with a discussion surrounding the achievements and challenges of 2019.


A conference at sea

Karryon - 1000 Mile Travel

Sydney Opera House

Leadership, staff and Travel Experts alike came together on Sunday the 1st of December to reflect on the company’s fifth year and the exciting future ahead in 2020. “Power of Productivity” was the theme, which featured an emphasis on productivity optimisation, team motivation, time management and risk assessment in independent Travel Expert’s businesses and the collective 1000 Mile family.

Karryon - 1000 Mile Travel

(Left to right) Monica Ajero (Finance Assistant, 1000 Mile Travel Group), Tenneale Fogarty
(Support Specialist, 1000 Mile Travel Group), Yosef Levi (Technology and Implementations
Manager, 1000 Mile Travel Group) and Sean Farrelly (Fares and Ticketing, 1000 Mile Travel Group)

Sponsors Helloworld, Travelport, The Hotel Connection and Expedia also attended on Sunday to present concepts surrounding the evolution of the corporate travel industry and 1000 Mile Travel Group’s influence on the sector. Prizes were won and included gifts from 1000 Mile, Expedia, and The Hotel Connection, as well as vouchers from additional sponsors and close partners Tramada and Avis.

Key announcements revealed over the weekend involved further news surrounding the company’s co-founders Ben Ross (Managing Director) and Nicola Veltman (Executive Director) growth of 1000 Mile Travel Group UK, Head Office role refinement and team expansion, advancements in ticketing and automation processes, and the launch of the new dedicated 1000 Mile Travel Expert web pages.

Karryon - 1000 Mile Travel

(Left to right) Nicola Veltman (Executive Director, 1000 Mile Travel Group) and Ben Ross
(Managing Director, 1000 Mile Travel Group)

Ben and Nicola also revealed Kuala Lumpur as the destination for the 2020 Conference and insight on next year’s annual famil aimed to be held in Sri Lanka, where Travel Experts from 1000 Mile Travel Group gain exciting opportunities to expand their network and further enhance their corporate travel portfolios.

“This conference was another reminder to our company family and our suppliers that our priorities will always lie with all our Travel Experts getting the support they need, having the freedom to work on the go wherever they are, and that spending time with their loved ones is a vital component of success.”

Nicola Veltman, Executive Director at 1000 Mile Travel Group

“This is reflected in the happiness and satisfaction repeated by our clients day in and day out, and the unique solutions provided to them by the best in the corporate travel industry.”

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