Whether your clients are frequent travellers, or going on their “once in a lifetime” Europe trip, it’s fair to say that as agents, you want to make it memorable, so they’ll return to you – the travel guru!

It’s approaching that time of the year when 2018 summer in Europe is coming to an end and here in Australia we’re enjoying some warmer weather.  September and October are no doubt a busy time for clients to be planning next year’s European getaway.

But how do you, as an agent, differentiate what you’re offering to Jenny at the agency on the other side of the block? Perhaps it is time for you to “prepare yourself”.

Instead of offering the stock standard “See the Colosseum, in Rome”, be up to date on what’s selling, what’s trending and what’s exciting guests with these inside tips from Insight Vacations.


1.Sell the authentic experiences with a point-of-difference

Insight Vacations Europe Paris

We live in a pretty awesome country, yet Australians LOVE to travel, often spending up to 24 hours on a plane to Europe. Why is that? We can get pretzels, macarons and pasta in Australia. However, the authenticity of a traditional meal cooked by a local is definitely more appealing.

The stories we tell our friends of our travels adventures are not about the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, it is about the cobblestoned back alley you got lost in or the quirky man playing the accordion who told stories of his childhood or walking the street sampling local cheeses and pastries with your first love.


2. Connect your clients to their past, present and future

Insight vacations Europe Glamping

More and more people are choosing destinations they feel truly connected to. They are looking for an immersive experience “memory creating” and “once in a lifetime” experiences and “ah-ha” moments of self-discovery.

More and more guests are now choosing to travel to more adventurous destinations and Jordan has seen an increase in popularity. Your clients can explore the ruins of Petra before heading out to Wadi Rum for a night of luxury desert glamping. The idea of “travel with purpose” is on the rise. Visit the Iraq Al Almir women’s association to see the amazing work they do supporting women to become financially secure of themselves and keep local handicrafts alive.

As Australians are often so well-travelled, there are clients who think they’ve seen and done everything. Why not impress them with your knowledge of what’s hot and how they can make the most of their visit!


3. Guide your clients to dive deeper into the outskirts of cities

Insight vacations Europe Vine

If there’s one thing that makes clients come back time and time again to one agent, it isn’t for information like “Take a gondolier ride in Venice.” They’re coming to a travel agent for a personal touch, guidance and tips that they value more than what they read on the internet. Did you know that travelling in a small group will give your clients experiences they wouldn’t be able to get travelling solo?

When travelling from Rome to Venice, experience the real Italy stopping along the way to meet locals and sample the authentic food at restaurants, family run olive mills and Tuscan vineyards. Stop in Orvieto to meet Chef Lorenzo for a cooking demonstration before a family style lunch with local wines.


4. Offer personalisation in popular destinations

Insight vacations Europe UK

While the UK is always popular among guests, and a place Aussies feel comfortable travelling alone, an insider tip is still always appreciated. So how does Insight do this? Take Ireland for example, while a visit to the Guinness factory is given on any travellers list, it’s not everyday that you can learn the Irish national sport of hurling with a local player before giving it a crack yourself.


Travel in style with Insight Vacations

Now that Insight Vacations have launched their 2019 Europe and Britain brochure, you’ll find ALL of these trips and experiences available now for 2019 departures. There’s 96 itineraries to choose from with something for absolutely everyone. Be confident that you can offer your clients an experience of a lifetime where they’ll be shown the insights, not just the sights.




What’s your favourite places to visit in Europe?

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