There is a niche market of adventurous travellers who have moved on from eating pot noodles and sleeping in hostel dorms, but they’re much too young to be joining a greying nomad’s tour.

Unmapped Travel saw this gap in the market and created a company with unforgettable small group tours for intrepid travellers in their 30s and 40s.

They’ve picked some of the most exciting destinations in the world to explore, from Morocco and Oman to Sri Lanka, Mexico and Indonesia.


As part of Unmapped’s launch, they’ve got an AMAZING AGENT INCENTIVE that gives you 10% off your very own place on an Unmapped Travel tour for every trip you sell.

Yep! That means if you sell 10 Unmapped trips, you’ve just scored yourself a FREE ADVENTURE.


Unmapped describe themselves as a “lux-adventure company for solo travellers” with a strong focus on connecting with locals, active adventures and epic food experiences.

They want to build a community eager to embrace new experiences, smash their comfort zones and learn about new cultures with a group of people who could become friends for life.


The small group adventures, which take a maximum of 14 travellers, are built with people in their 30s and 40s in mind but a traveller’s age isn’t a deal breaker for joining the trip.

Unmapped emphasises that their trips are more about your mindset (kind, open-minded and ready to connect) than your birth date.

Itineraries range from hiking through the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, swimming in cenotes in Mexico or paddle boarding to your own island in Oman.


While your days will be adventurous, you can expect your evenings to be luxurious in beautiful, boutique accommodation hand-picked by Unmapped.

When it comes to the food, it’s all about keeping it local. Think taco tours in Mexico city or eating with a local family in Morocco.

Unmapped’s inaugural itineraries, which begin from September 2019, include a 13-day trip to Sri Lanka from of Negombo to Colombo, a 14-day Moroccan adventure and a 9-day Off road adventure in Oman exploring the rich heritage of Muscat, swimming in strikingly beautiful wadis and sleeping under the desert sky.


They’ve also got a vibrant 13-day trip from the bustling streets of Mexico City to the coastal paradise of Tulum and a 10-day Indonesian journey away from Bali’s notorious crowds, into the scenic beauty of some of the island’s lesser-known gems and then to Komodo National Park.

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