‘Immersive’ may be the type of experience travellers are looking for in a 21st century holiday, but it’s not necessarily what they want to hear during the research & booking process.

Travel Agents using terms such as ‘immersive’ and ‘authentic’ in their selling pitches may want to start avoiding them because travellers can “see though the hype”.

That is, according to Gold Medal and Travel 2, who warned consultants that the travel cliches are becoming “meaningless” to clients, TW UK reported.


Managing Director for the UK-based tour operator, Lisa McAuley, is quoted on the trade site as saying that consultants need to promote products, particularly cruises, to their clients in a less obvious way.

“Luxury travellers can see through the hype, so a word of caution: Be alluring but without being ostentatious.”

Lisa McAuley, Gold Medal and Travel 2 Managing Director

Lisa continued, saying that when it comes to selling high-end cruises or expedition cruises, Travel Agents are also making the mistake of “dipping in and out” rather than dedicating focus on the segment.


Speaking at Cruise360 Australasia earlier this year, Aurora Expeditions’ Dianna Schinella noted a similar trend among Aussie Agents who are sitting on a goldmine of potential expedition clients.

She said consultants have databases full of potential high-spending cruisers, but the only way they’ll start booking expedition is by promoting it to them.

“These are the clients that want to start exploring further afield and they want to visit the final frontiers. The only way to do that is via expedition or small ship cruising.”

Dianna Schinella, Aurora Expeditions’ Industry Sales & Marketing Manager

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Do your clients respond to the word ‘immersive’?