Agents Travel To Change The World at Melbourne Revolution Roadshow

The Travel To Change The World and Chimu Adventures Revolution Roadshow continued in Melbourne last week, following on from the success of the Brisbane and Sydney shows.

The Travel To Change The World and Chimu Adventures Revolution Roadshow continued in Melbourne last week, following on from the success of the Brisbane and Sydney shows.

Melbourne’s Cargo Hall at South Wharf welcomed an impressive turn out of curious agents and industry leaders this time for another educational and inspiring afternoon.

Once again, the message was a simple one: “Travel is powerful, and everyone in the industry can do their bit to influence travellers to make informed and sustainable choices about the way they travel and the people and places they visit”.


Greg Carter, Co-Founder Chimu Adventures

Over the course of the afternoon, emceed by KARRYON General Manager, Anthony Valeriano, attendees heard from Chimu Adventures Co-Founders Greg Carter and Chad Carey as well as B-Hive Founder Tammy Marshall, Mike Stein (Executive GM Sales and Distribution APAC, Covermore Insurance), Karsten Horne (Founder Reho Travel in Melbourne) and KARRYON and ‘Travel To Change The World’ Founder Matt Leedham.

The key themes and takeaways included ‘Remembering why you began a career in travel’, ‘Finding your purpose’, ‘Future proofing yourself and your business’, ‘Sustainable travel trends’, ‘Changing the conversation’ and ‘Developing travel niches’.

Unlike the often event format of suppliers touting their wares, this Roadshow was all about delivering value and ideas to the agents who attended, which proved to be a hit as something very different and unexpected.

Agents came away with practical advice and simple steps they could integrate into their day to day conversations with their clients and suppliers to take advantage of opportunities that could benefit everyone in the supply chain and the planet.

Karsten Horne (Reho Travel) on the panel...

Karsten Horne (Reho Travel) on the panel…

Speaking about his experience at the event, agent Jake Cassar (Travel Counsellors) said;

“Thanks for a very inspirational afternoon and for allowing me to be a part of the revolution. It was an honour to be part of the initial stages of Travel To Change The World and to hear how we as agents can start to change the mindset of people travelling to take care of our planet and preserve all its wonders for everyone to experience.”

The message for agents was that in a competitive world of online bookings, it is still agents that can have the most profound effect on their customers’ decisions and as caring human beings makes it their most significant competitive advantage.

Meagan Dunne, from TFN in Melbourne, said; “What an exciting afternoon it was and super inspiring. It was all the stuff I love about travelling personally, but now I’m excited to have the conversation with my clients. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I went home so full of ideas and inspiration.”

The afternoon also featured interactive workshops including discussing the idea of ‘Travel To Change the World’ accreditation and wrapped up with an engaging Q&A panel and networking drinks.

Meg Hall, Marketing Manager, Chimu Adventures said; “Watching our concept of the travel revolution unfold to reality was like watching a flower bloom. It was encouraging beyond words to see the industry wholeheartedly embrace the concept of sustainable travel in all sectors. It seems to have dawned that we, as a united front, starting with little things, can make massive changes around the globe, which is truly empowering. Sustainable travel should no longer be a unique selling point, it should be standard.”

Meg Hall, Chimu Adventures (Marketing Manager)

Meg Hall, Chimu Adventures (Marketing Manager)

Chimu Adventures Co-Founder Greg Carter added; “I’m Exhausted, yet energised from the energy in the room! I feel positive about the impact we made and the impact travel agents across Australia can have on the world!”

While KARRYON and Travel To Change The World Founder Matt Leedham said of the Roadshows;

“The last two weeks roadshows have exceeded my expectations in every respect. To see the level of agent interest, excitement and passion for making a positive change has been brilliant. I’m so excited now about the next chapter for Travel To Change The World.”
Tammy Marshall, The B-Hive Founder

Tammy Marshall, The B-Hive Founder

Travel to Change The World will be launching their website in the coming months, which will feature remarkable sustainable travel products and experiences alongside responsible travel advice and inspiration to travel better.

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