In what’s been tipped as the biggest ‘excess carry-on’ seizure ever, a low-cost carrier has uncovered a total of an extra 562kg’s being smuggled onto a flight to Sydney.

The special ‘Excess carryon-on’ response unit swooped on passengers in the boarding queue with mobile scales after being tipped off by airline management on Saturday.

The highly desirable haul of ‘excess kg’s’ included 7 laptops, 8 cameras, 18 bottles of water, 27 copies of New Idea (16 alone of the Bachelor special edition) 6 pairs of headphones, 46 muesli bars, a hairdryer, 12 selfie sticks, 4 trolls, 3 Peppa Pigs, 7 pairs of Ugg Boots, an apple and even an entire Lego City Airport set.

All of the excess kg’s were stuffed inside passengers carry-on bags, rucksacks, Myer bags from Pacific Fair and in one case – even a child’s Billabong cap.


Numerous Troll’s were seized in the raid

Authorities say the miscellaneous 562 excess carryon-on kilos have a street value of AUD$22,000.

The airline charged all of the passengers who were over the 7kg carryon-on limit $50-$80 each for their part in the attempted trafficking before allowing them to continue their onward journey to Sydney with the contraband.

One charged female passenger who didn’t want to be named said;

“I had no idea I was carrying the excess kilos in my carry-on. I’d asked my husband Terry whether we should take the iPad and that big block of Cadburys Dairy Milk we’d bought at the airport in our bags and he said we’d be sweet. The $50 fine has ruined our holiday. We’re devastated.”

A happier moment with Terry before the Dairy Milk block incident

Another man was heard shouting as he headed off to the ATM to take money out to pay his fine. “This is ridiculous, what next? Fining overweight people?”

An unnamed spokesperson for the airline was quoted as saying “No passenger should be considering bringing any excess carry-on onboard any of our aircraft. The rules are very clear, and we will act with the full force of our conditions if you do”.

Airline authorities at the Gold Coast Airport praised the diligence of ground staff in acting swiftly to get all the fines paid and still achieve an on-time departure.

Have you ever seen people being busted for excess carryon-luggage?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It is just for fun and should in no way be taken seriously unless you want to that is.