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Arrival Revival: Corey Marshall, CEO, Canuckiwi

The world is reopening and Canuckiwi is emerging from the pandemic in a positive position; equipped with clients that have made incredible product innovation during the break and even a famil in the pipeline. We caught up with CEO Corey Marshall to find out more deets about the excitement that is brewing over at Canuckiwi.

The world is reopening and Canuckiwi is emerging from the pandemic in a positive position; equipped with clients that have made incredible product innovation during the break and even a famil in the pipeline. We caught up with CEO Corey Marshall to find out more deets about the excitement that is brewing over at Canuckiwi.

Corey Marshall is the CEO of Canuckiwi, a marketing and consulting firm specialising in tourism and travel trade marketing, consumer advertising, media and public relations strategies for suppliers and destination marketing organisations worldwide.

Canuckiwi’s current client base includes Travel Oregon, Utah Office of Tourism, Travel Nevada, Discover New England, Visit Anchorage, Destination DC, and Grapevine, Texas.

We sat down with Corey to find out the inspiration behind the business, what the future holds, and how, thanks to Utah Office of Tourism, Delta and Rocky Mountaineer, travel advisors have the chance to win big and celebrate the #ArrivalRevival in person, over in the States.

Tell us more about Canuckiwi

Vancouver city is surrounded by the picturesque North Shore Mountains. Image credit: Destination BC/Jordan Manley
Vancouver City. Image: Destination BC/Jordan Manley

Canuckiwi is a created word-combining a Canadian (Canuck), me, with my wife and business partner who is a New Zealander (Kiwi), Karen. Both of us have spent our entire careers in the travel and tourism industry and are passionate about being experts in tourism marketing, advertising, relationships and consulting services.

We met at Rendezvous Canada (major travel and tourism trade show) where Karen was the Product Director at House of Travel and I owned my own tour operation business in Canada that sold Canada & Alaska to the world! Travel has been and always will be a key part of our lives. 

We began our journey in Canada growing & then selling our tour operation business and then after moving back to New Zealand co-founded Canuckiwi as a destination marketing, PR & consulting agency in 2012.

You currently have a fantastic incentive running… Tell us a little bit about that

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, Utah

We are fortunate that throughout the pandemic the Utah Office of Tourism maintained its market presence across Australia and with our agency.

We are even more fortunate at the product innovation that has taken place in the last two years such as the Rocky Mountaineer Rockies to Red Rocks program. 

This has allowed Utah as a travel destination to track 5% ahead of competitive destinations in the latest travel market insights reports for market recovery. It also ensured as soon as borders opened in both directions we were able to launch this current incentive.

The incentive allows agents to record sales to the USA with Delta, sales of any Utah land arrangements (hotels, activities, attractions) and sales of Rocky Mountaineer Rockies to Red Rocks tickets and earn points in doing so. 

On April 15th the incentive will end and 6 lucky winners will be making their way to Utah on an all-inclusive FAM trip at the end of May

How are you feeling about welcoming back travel advisors to Utah for the upcoming famil trip?

Corey Canuckiwi
Corey in Utah, Feb 2020

Our Utah partners are so excited to welcome back Australian travel advisors to the state and are rolling out the red carpet with the itinerary that is being created.

The trip will start in vibrant Salt Lake City, the home to the new SLC airport and then make its way south through the San Rafael Swell, Goblin Valley, Natural Bridges, Muley Point & Monument Valley before ending up in Moab (home to Arches, Canyonlands National Parks and Dead Horse Point State Park) where they will board the Rocky Mountaineer finishing in Denver. 

Why do you think travellers will fall in love with Utah and Rocky Mountaineer?

Rocky Mountaineer
Burns, Eagle County, Colorado

Combining the gold star outdoor and iconic sites of Utah’s state & national parks with the 5-star service of Rocky Mountaineer… simply exceptional. 

With Rocky Mountaineer arriving into the eastern part of Utah (Moab) there are truly so many incredible itinerary options available to travel agents either pre or post the train journey from either Salt Lake City (as the FAM is doing) or even Las Vegas which would take in Zion, Bryce, Cedar Breaks, Kanab, Lake Powell and more.

What makes Delta the perfect partner for this incentive?


Salt Lake City is one of Delta’s major hubs in the USA and it has an incredible connecting network to and from Australia. 

Delta is committed to the trade, continually providing educational opportunities for front-line staff and us as destination partners.

The airline has been nothing but supportive of this program.

What are your top 5 favourite things about Utah?

Corey Canuckiwi
Skiing in Utah

Can I only name 5?  

1. Utah seriously “lifts your ceilings”. Everyone says pushing boundaries but a MTB guide in Moab once used this term and I love it. No matter your comfort level, Utah has outdoor adventures for all levels of enthusiasts or adventurers. Whether it is a simple couple-hour hike to abseiling a free rappel into the Goblins Lair there is something for everyone, and opportunities to push yourself to your own comfort limits.

2. Utah seriously has “The Greatest Snow on Earth®”, scientifically proven. Growing up in Canada I was fortunate to ski so many iconic resorts but the best day of my life was at Powder Mountain in Utah!

3. Utah is America’s Filmset®  and an epic backdrop for so many iconic films.

4. Utah is the ultimate Road Trip destination with new iconic sites around every corner.

5. Utah has a world-class food and beverage scene. Yes.. you can get incredible craft beer, local hand-distilled spirits, and an awesome food scene state-wide.

What message would you like to pass on to Travel Advisors right now?  

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

We know how challenging the past two years has been for our industry, but it is coming back and Utah is ready to welcome your customers! 

Don’t forget to sign up for the incentive with so we can record your sales and who knows we may see you in Utah at the end of May with us!

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