Byron Bay Travel Agency, Journeys for the Soul, has been shut since mid November. We heard rumours the agency might have closed for good until owners Moonbeam and Riverstream enlightened us about their absence.

The duo said their agency had been closed since November 16 when Mercury went into Retrograde. Next week they will reopen when the things are better with the planets.

For those of you who aren’t up on your astrology Mercury going into Retrograde means that the planet begins moving in the opposite direction to Earth.


Planets move from east to west around the sun, but when Mercury turns to move from west to east instead, Mercury is officially in Retrograde and things can get a bit weird here on earth.

“It’s not a good idea to book travel when Mercury is in Retrograde, hence why we just close the doors,” said Moonbeam from Byron Bay Travel Agency, Journeys for the soul.

“You shouldn’t make travel plans during that time because everything is in a state of flux and things can go wrong. Most Byron locals know avoiding such decisions during that time is in their own best interest.”

Moonbeam from Byron Bay Travel Agency, Journeys for the soul


Moonbeam said when Mercury is in retrograde it’s best not to use a computer anyway, as most electric equipment tends to fail.

During the closure of the agency, Moonbeam and her business partner Riverstream go on a retreat where they have up to 5 colonics a day.


“I don’t know if you would call it annual leave, more spiritual leave,” she said.

As Mercury moves out of retrograde today, Moonbeam and Riverstream are preparing to return to their agency refreshed and ready to take your travel bookings.

Would you let your clients book travel while Mercury is in Retrograde?