Where most people would see a disposable cleaning product, Carnival Cruise Line sees an opportunity to assist disadvantaged communities across Australia & around the world.

Carnival Cruise Line announced this morning a new arrangement with a non-for-profit organisation called Soap Aid, that’ll see the pair recycle and donate discarded soap bars to people in need.

Through the program, all thrown out soap from guest and crew staterooms on Carnival Spirit will be collected by the cruise line and delivered to Soap Aid. From there, bars will be refined and sterilised before being remoulded and packaged for distribution.

Image: Soap Aid/Facebook

Carnival Splendour will join the program when she joins the Australian fleet at the end of the year.

Errr, is it hygienic? Entirely.

As mentioned above, Soap Aid sterilises and reprocesses the soap before delivering fresh product to communities in critical need of assistance to achieve life-saving and better hygiene practices.



Image: Soap Aid/Facebook

While we in the western world take hygiene for granted, in less accessible areas some 1.5 million children die every year from diseases that could be prevented by the use of handwashing with soap.

Soap Aid’s work aims to reduce that number and has so far seen the non-for-profit reach over 270,000 people globally.

Additionally, recycling soap has a better impact on the environment by reducing wastage.

“Just by washing hands it can kill many germs that cause disease, and by doing that, kids can attend more school, their opportunities are enhanced, parents are able to work more so household incomes improve, too.”

Mike Matulick, Soap Aid Founder

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