You may recall from earlier this year that Bench Africa celebrated its 50th anniversary by announcing it would reward its staff by sending them all to South Africa.

Is the memory returning along with all that #workenvy? Well, Bench Africa kept its promise and sent its entire team to the Rainbow Land.



The ENTIRE company returned from the 50th-anniversary trip this week, unsurprisingly they were described as having “bleary eyes and big smiles”.

The group spent an entire long weekend on safari at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve where they saw rhinos, leopards and more incredible African wildlife that the region is known for.


General Manager (and the team’s favourite person right now) Martin Edwards said the trip was a “wonderful opportunity” to celebrate a joyous occasion together in a region they’re all passionate about.


“We all have such a passion for Africa and it’s been lovely to share that with each other through this experience.”

Martin Edwards, Bench Africa General Manager

Click here for more information on the tour operator.


Did anyone you know go to South Africa for the company’s 50th anniversary?