BESPOKE TRIPS: 5 benefits of customised itineraries

If you haven’t yet heard of MW Tours, then you’re missing out, because this boutique tour operator has been rocking the bespoke travel package and group tour market for years!

If you haven’t yet heard of MW Tours, then you’re missing out, because this boutique tour operator has been rocking the bespoke travel package and group tour market for years!

Not only does MW Tours deliver exceptional travel experiences for your clients, but they also make your job, as travel agents, so very easy – well as easy as can be in such a demanding job!

Don’t believe us, then just read on and discover five reasons why you should book your next tour or bespoke travel package with MW Tours.


1. They can organise anything!

The hint was in the last paragraph. As a boutique tour operator, MW Tours can organise any kind of package or itinerary for your clients – whatever their taste or budget. From fully inclusive small group tours, larger bespoke group tours (e.g., for school groups), semi-independent tours, seat in coach tours, and other bespoke travel packages, MW Tours has you covered.

Just get in contact with them, explain what kind of travel experience your clients are after, and then let MW Tours put an amazing itinerary together for you!


2. They’re the experts on Asia and Africa

Elephant in TsavoMW_tours_ East National Park, Kenya

Got a client interested in travelling to China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, East or South Africa? Then definitely contact MW Tours and let their team of experts build an amazing itinerary for you.

And experts they definitely are. Every staff member knows their destination like the back of their hand, so you can rest assured that your clients will be getting inside knowledge on where to go, where to stay and what to do.

Best bit? They’ll get an authentic insight into these countries, too, and leave learning tons of new stuff about these incredible destinations.


3. They cater to all fitness levels


Got a client that doesn’t like walking too much? Got clients that run half-marathons in their spare time? Sometimes it’s hard to know just how physically demanding a tour can be, and the last thing you want to do is sign your clients up to an itinerary they cannot physically handle.

But this isn’t an issue with MW Tours, as they’ve graded their tours into Easy, Moderate and Active so you can put your clients on the right tour, depending on their fitness levels. Score!


4. They have a tour with your clients name on it


Different travellers travel for different reasons. Some travel for food and festivals, whilst others travel for wildlife and nature.

MW Tours totally understand this, which is why they’ve categorised all their tours for special interests such as Festival, Cultural & Authentic, Foodie, Festival, Cruise, Wildlife and Back to Nature. Just select the theme your client is interested in and they’re set to have a fantastic time!


5. Agents can win a $150 dinner voucher!


You read right. Just by signing up to the MW Tours Agent Portal before 15 July 2019 and answering a simple question, you have the chance of winning a $150 dinner voucher for any restaurant of YOUR choice!

And you’ll definitely want to sign up to their Agent Portal, too, as inside you’ll find a whole slew of useful information and special selling tools, such as training and cheat sheets, booking forms, agent incentives (including self-famils and discounts), e-brochures and marketing material (such as their latest special flyers, social media tiles and images). You’ll also gain access to their Visa Centre, where you can easily organise visas to all their destinations!

Sign up to MW Tours’ Agent Portal today, visit their Facebook or Instagram pages, and answer the below question to win a $150 dinner voucher:

“How many e-brochures can agents have exclusive access to through MW Tours Agent Portal?”

So what are you waiting for?


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What bespoke travel package will you send your client on?

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