What can we say about Flight Centre’s 2018 Global Gathering but WOW! A few thousand of the company’s top achieving staff just experienced some of the most magical days and nights of their lives at the high energy, star-studded affair in Berlin.

We’re guessing you’ve been scrolling through the social media of those lucky enough to be there, wishing it was you in their place. Just a little bit?

We know all about it because that is exactly what we’ve been doing too. Read our wrap of all that went down on the momentous weekend in case you missed it.

So now, we present to you, the best shots of Flighties just living their best lives in Berlin.

We’re pretty sure the hashtag #Ilovemyjob got a good workout over the weekend as Flighties counted their lucky stars.

And we’ve spotted plenty of comments deeming it ‘The Best Global EVER’. What an incentive for Flighties to give 100% in their job this year in hopes of snagging a spot at the LAS VEGAS gathering next year.

WILD. Yep, that’s the one word, to sum up, the experience.

How many Flighties struck a pose at the Berlin Wall? And how many got ‘schnit faced’ over the weekend? We’re going to estimate it was in the thousands.

Hey, Student Flights represent! And we love her enthusiasm there with #bringonvegas.

Ah Aussies, we sure know how to stand out.

Aussie in Berlin #pretzel #berlin #globalgathering #flightcentre #kangaroo

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Oh damn, some Flighties got to travel in style #isthisreal. We heard it on the grapevine though that some Aussies had their return flight from Berlin delayed several hours. As one Agent put it “Berlin doesn’t want us to go home”.

No stress though, just grab a beer stein and a pretzel and enjoy those final moments.

First things first, get me a beer and a pretzel #Berlin #globalgathering #pretzel

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