The generation that Travel Agents may have thought to be lost to them is actually one of their biggest fans, according to a new study that found millennials are as likely to book through a consultant as Baby Boomers.

A study of Holiday Habits in the UK revealed that 26 percent of 25-35-year-olds said they were more likely to book with a Travel Agent than use a website. This figure was the same as the number of Baby Boomers, who are often acknowledged as being a consultant’s fastest-growing clients.

Younger travellers, including those between 18-24 years of age, were also found to be big on booking through a Travel Agent, with 22 percent saying they’d use someone else to book their holiday for them – up 16 percent on last year.


Image: Jeremy Banks/Unsplash

It may seem a little surprising that one of the most technologically-focused generations prefer a traditional method of booking vacations, but when you consider the characteristics that make up the millennials, it’s actually not that surprising.

First, they don’t like wasting their time. They’ve got friends to catch up with, avocado brunches to get to and the world to see. They’re not keen on spending hours doing research when they could easily turn to a professional to do it for them.


Second, they prefer to take the easy route. Not to say they aren’t hard workers (I, a millennial, consider myself to be a very hard worker), but simplicity goes a long way with this generation and what’s more simple than handing someone money and telling them to secure your dream.

And finally, while they’re incredibly intelligent, they’re still a little insecure about their international abilities, and Agents provide them with the safety and confidence they need to go on a holiday.

Easy, time saver and confidence – millennial characteristics equate to the three reasons people are still using Travel Agents. Click here for more.

The study of British holiday habits in the last 12 months also found some 36 percent of travellers booked holidays through Travel Agents in the last year, similar to the prior year’s 38 percent.


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