It takes a lot for someone to raise their hand & admit to needing help, especially financial aid, but a lot is exactly what TravelManagers’ Tanyu Cilek & his family have been through over the past few years.

If you haven’t seen him around at an event or had the pleasure of meeting him during your years in the industry, Tanyu is a long-time and beloved member of the TravelManagers family where he works as the Finance and Commercial Manager.

On the outside he’s a standout professional with a sweet sense of humour, but what you may not know, is that over the last six years, he, his wife Kylie and their four-year-old daughter have been in an exhausting battle against an aggressive and relentless cancer.

At 36 years of age, Kylie has stage 4 metastatic tongue, head and neck cancer, and while the family has done all they can over the last six years to combat the disease on their own, they’re at a stage where they need some assistance.


Kylie opened a Go Fund Me page late last week in which she explains that after multiple surgeries, ongoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment, she needs a stronger solution for a recently formed tumour protruding from her neck that almost left her with a very short prognosis.

Thankfully, chemotherapy is aiding in reducing the tumour, however, it’s only a matter of time until Kylie’s body becomes resistent. Thankfully, she’s found an immunotherapy treatment that could help but it’s part of a self-funding program that’s too expensive for the family to fund on their way.

The Go Fund Me page is asking the industry to offer whatever support they can in helping them reach $100,000 for the treatment, and they’re already over halfway with some $60,000 donations.

Click here to read Kylie & Tanyu’s full story, and click here to donate to Kylie’s Go Fund Me page.


Have you had the pleasure of meeting Tanyu, Kylie and their four-year-old?