Depending on whom you speak to, the subject of travel insurance can be extremely boring, quite serious – or downright hilarious. How would you rate these wacky insurance claims?

Travel Agents get all of the above, we get to study graphs of our sales, help our customers during medical disasters and try to keep a straight face when a “unique” claim lands on our desk.

I asked a some travel insurance companies and fellow Travel Agents to share some of their favourite claims, here’s some of the best.


1.The ‘broken’ penis


A picture says a thousand words

Phil Sylvester from World Nomads Group has seen a fair amount of unbelievable claims come across his desk.

A frisky Canadian came into some strife whilst (almost) getting down to business with his partner on holidays. His own words, below:

“I was just about to have sex with my girlfriend and, without going into graphic detail, my frenulum split near the base. I needed a frenulectomy to give my frenulum enough slack to heal”.

Name and location not revealed, for obvious reasons! Imagine taking that phone call, “Umm, yeah hello… My penis is broken, help!”

It seems that World Nomads customers tend to be on the “adventurous” side. They also recently handled a claim for a woman that needed a piece of jewellery medically removed from a very awkward area after her partners phallus decoration came lose during a vacation romp.


2. Abducted by aliens at Heathrow


Who hasn’t had an experience at Heathrow Airport?

How about the Travel Agent that kept a straight face when handling a claim that was simply out of this world?

A customer returned from a trip to the UK wanting to claim the entire cost of the trip because aliens abducted him shortly after arriving into Heathrow. The Agent was impressed that the aliens dropped him off just in time for his flight home.

The insurance company rang the Travel Agent to congratulate him on the hilarious joke; but sadly, it wasn’t. The claim was rejected, I’m guessing because of lack of evidence.


3. The curious case of the falling ‘coco’ nut


Bombs away

One gal was enjoying a bit of bliss on a Sri Lankan beach when everything became dark rather quickly.

She was just getting to the best bit of her book when a coconut fell from the tree she was using as shade and donked her right on the noggin.

Ouch. Thankfully she survived but did you know that falling coconuts kill around 150 people per year globally on average? That’s far more deaths than come from people being bitten by sharks.

The next time I see someone relaxing under a tree wearing a helmet, I won’t laugh.


4. Monkeys stealing passports


Why you cheeky…

Jon Crouch, from Covermore Insurance handled a rather primitive claim for a policyholder in Bali.

A nervous, middle-aged traveller encountered a rather pesky primate in Bali. She’d been warned about taking her passport out in public, but didn’t trust the hotel staff. On an outing to the infamous Monkey Forest in Ubud her passport was pickpocketed by a naughty branch swinger who proceeded to climb a tree with her travel document.

Once at the top, the little jerk taunted the agitated lady by waving her passport around and pretending to throw it back. After a while, the monkey became bored and decided to give it back – by ripping each page out one at a time and sending them fluttering back to the ground below.

Whilst the poor woman nearly had a break down.

What’s the most bizarre travel insurance story you’ve heard or had? Share your thoughts below.