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Cash Passport™ Platinum Mastercard® sales secrets from an industry veteran: Janene Ferguson, Helloworld South Melbourne

Clued up about Cash Passport after our recent reports but still clueless about getting your clients on board? We’ve got insider tips from travel industry veteran and top Cash Passport seller Janene Ferguson. She spills the beans on why she loves Cash Passport and how she promotes it with her travel-savvy clients.

Clued up about Cash Passport after our recent reports but still clueless about getting your clients on board? We’ve got insider tips from travel industry veteran and top Cash Passport seller Janene Ferguson. She spills the beans on why she loves Cash Passport and how she promotes it with her travel-savvy clients.

With 38 years in the travel industry (30 of which owning an agency), Janene Ferguson from Helloworld South Melbourne, knows a thing of two about selling travel, booking trips, and ensuring her clients head overseas with their travel funds protected. It’s why she loves having Cash Passport in her travel agency toolkit, as she believes it offers the best money protection out there.

Join us as Janene shares how she incorporates Cash Passport into her travel agency bag of tricks.

How has Cash Passport impacted your clients’ travels?


“Cash Passport has made a big difference in my clients’ travels. It provides them with a very secure way of having portable funds for anything they want to do on their overseas adventures – eat, drink, buy, splurge – whatever!

I’ve found the variety of currencies available will suit 99% of travellers, and most worldwide currencies are accepted. It has taken stress out of every kind of overseas trip, from leisure to family visits to business travel.”

From an agent’s perspective, what do you enjoy about complementing the travel you book with Cash Passport?

Janene in Shanghai and Folegandros
Janene in Shanghai and Folegandros

“I love complementing my 30+ years of travel industry experience with Cash Passport as I know I am saving them a fortune on currency conversion fees on their day-to-day Australian financial institution cards.

One thing that many travellers overlook is the risk of their everyday banking cards being compromised. It’s like a lightbulb moment when I explain how using Cash Passport removes that danger and all the headaches that accompany that. Cancelling direct debits, dealing with the bank, losing access to funds – these are all inconveniences no one wants on a trip or when they return – it can zap the joy of travelling!

Cash Passport allows me to provide my clients with a complete end-to-end solution in managing their funds effectively and efficiently while they enjoy their holiday.”

What is your number one tip for new agents offering Cash Passport to their clients?


“Don’t just assume your clients have the financial element of their travel covered. Most of the time, they don’t, or what they are considering is not practical. The currency conversion fees alone can be a killer when travelling. Once you’ve explained the benefits of Cash Passport, it takes no time to issue the cards on the spot.

Another great benefit is that a second card can be issued without any additional cost to the client which is great for couples or families travelling from joint funds.”

What are common misconceptions that your clients have about Cash Passport?

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“The key misconceptions I hear about Cash Passport is about the rates and them assuming they won’t be competitive. Of course, I set them straight, especially now they are more competitive than ever!

Another sticking point is that they believe that getting an account will involve some kind of rigamarole. Luckily, I can quickly resolve that and offer to set them up with an account and the app immediately.

I always take care to let my clients know what the process is if their card is compromised. They are happy to hear that there is 24/7 global assistance, that emergency funds can reach them in most places globally, and that replacement cards are easily issued. I also ensure they are aware of the Cash Passport protection against unauthorised and fraudulent transactions.

My goal is to book my clients the absolute best trip possible, and Cash Passport helps me do that by protecting their money while overseas.”

Do you have any travellers’ tales from your clients where the Cash Passport saved the day?

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“So many! Themes that commonly occur relate to kids travelling without their parents. Unable to manage their budget, they quickly exhaust all their funds and call for help. With Cash Passport, parents can quickly top up the card and know their travelling children aren’t going hungry or without shelter.

With younger travellers who aren’t eligible for credit cards, it’s a huge benefit to get a Cash Passport account. It ensures they travel safely, without carrying wads of cash and putting their funds (and themselves) at risk.”

Where have you travelled with your Cash Passport, and what benefits did you enjoy?

Janene celebrates a birthday in the air and on Centre Court Wimbledon, working as a physio for a friend.

“I’m so excited as I’m about to take my first trip in 2.5 years to Europe. I’m looking forward to knowing I won’t be returning home to unexpected currency conversion fees. I used to hate that in the days before Cash Passport.

I’m also done with the uncertainty – I used to loathe looking at what exchange rate my bank would apply on the day. With Cash Passport, I can lock in great rates ahead of travel.”

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#Cash Passport Platinum is unable to be used for purchases related to gambling or adult entertainment. Currently Cash Passport cannot be used in the following countries and geographical regions due to sanctions that are currently in place: Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Donetsk and Luhansk and as otherwise advised in the FAQs available at If you attempt to use your card at merchants in any of these countries and geographical regions, your request will be declined. All Mastercards will not work at Russian merchants or ATM’s. In addition, the ATMs and POS terminals are not owned or operated by the Issuer or Mastercard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Limited and the Issuer or Mastercard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Limited are not responsible for ensuring that merchants will accept the Card. For example, the Issuer and Mastercard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Limited cannot control when an ATM or POS terminal is due for maintenance or is faulty or if a merchant chooses not to accept the Card. In such cases, your Card may not function properly or be declined. For more information please see the Product Disclosure Statement at

^Before you make a decision to acquire the card, please check for the latest currencies supported. Lock in your exchange rates means the exchange rate is locked in for the initial load only. The exchange rates for subsequent reloads will be set at the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Pay no foreign transaction fees on purchases when travelling, when you load your Cash Passport with one of 10 international currencies supported by the product, and transact in that same currency.

* T&Cs apply. Customer must contact Customer service to report lost or stolen card. Emergency cash can be arranged up to the balance on your Cash Passport, subject to availability of funds at the approved agent location.