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Celebrate TravelManagers’ 17th Birthday & Join the family album

In 2005, the hot pink Motorola Razr flip phone was quite the commodity; wearing layered polo shirts was a thing, and having a Myspace account was everything. Fortunately, trends come and go, but the classics stand the test of time. Like Australia’s popular home-based mobile agency network, TravelManagers, celebrating their 17th birthday this year!

For the past 17 years, Australian travel entrepreneurs have been able to grow their independent businesses. This is thanks to the dedicated and consistent support TravelManagers provides every personal travel manager (PTM). And they are not slowing down! If you’re considering starting your own travel advisor business or switching from a store to a home-based business, TravelManagers welcome you aboard.

Here’s what you can expect when you join TravelManagers.

Home-Based Support You Can Trust

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TravelManagers pride themselves on providing home-based support you can trust. At the National Partnership Office (NPO), 50-something industry professionals deliver specialised, consistent, and reliable support that every PTM benefits from. The NPO team has an average of 19 years of experience across the board.

That level of trust and experience saw TravelManagers take home the inaugural ‘Best Mobile Travel Advisor Network’ at the 2019 NTIA awards. Also, TravelManagers’ PTM, Kathy Millet, took home the ‘Best Mobile Travel Advisor’ trophy!

Switching from a Store to a Home-Based Business

Sue Wright, a PTM from Mackay, QLD
Sue Wright, a PTM from Mackay, QLD

With 17 years under their belt, TravelManagers has enticed many agents to switch from a bricks-and-mortar store to build their own brand and business. The TravelManagers philosophy puts PTMs at the forefront of everything they do.

Sue Wright, a PTM from Mackay, QLD, spent 16 years in a shopfront setting. After a brief hiatus, decided a more flexible model would suit the goals she had set for her business. In 2018, Sue joined TravelManagers and was immediately impressed. “I loved the flexibility to run my business my way, and I enjoyed the lack of someone else’s KPIs and sales targets (and zero staff politics) that allow me to do what I do best: serve my clients!”

As the pandemic arrived, Sue praised the dedication from the crew at the National Partnership Office (NPO). She commented, “Throughout COVID, the TravelManagers business model has given me the ability to secure work elsewhere, whilst still being there for my clients and keeping my business intact. I’m so thankful for this.”

Receiving Support in Challenging Times

Danielle Goncalves, a PTM from Alexandria, New South Wales
Danielle Goncalves, a PTM from Alexandria, NSW

Danielle Goncalves, from Alexandria in New South Wales, switched to the TravelManagers business model in a bid to find a work-life balance. Her timing couldn’t have been better, as she fell pregnant within months of joining. The flexible and supportive home-based set-up ensured she could enjoy life with her newborn and run a successful business.

A new baby was her first challenge as a home-based agent; the next big one came when COVID hit and brought the industry to its knees. Danielle was affected like everyone else, but the support she received made life easier. “Throughout the last two years, I have always been able to get the help I needed at a moment’s notice. With a smile, too! I would have given up a long time ago without my TravelManagers family.”

Get Business Support Where You Need it

Mimi Song, a PTM from Hawthorn, VIC
Mimi Song, a PTM from Hawthorn, VIC

Mimi Song from Hawthorn, VIC, was lucky enough to have friends already working with TravelManagers before starting her own travel business. Their positive feedback convinced her it was a good fit.

Mimi comments, “I had a sense of security and confidence in running and focusing on my own business. Thanks to TravelManagers taking care of the legal and operational aspects of my business, I had time to work on the areas of the business that I thrive at.”

During COVID, the TravelManagers’ support only increased. Mimi said, “The little pick-me-up chats, assistance with the myriad of COVID policy changes and supplier/client challenges have been immensely valuable. NPO’s support has alleviated some of the pressure of the pandemic.”

The Ever-Evolving TravelManagers Business

Cathy Moir, a PTM from NSW’s Gymea Bay
Cathy Moir, a PTM from NSW’s Gymea Bay

Cathy Moir, from NSW’s Gymea Bay, has been with TravelManagers for 15 of their 17 industry-leading years. She’s seen a lot of changes over the years, including great marketing support improvements, streamlined receipts processes, and a heightened level of support from the Business Partnership team. Cathy has everything she needs to succeed.

During the pandemic, the fares and ticketing team have been Cathy’s guardian angels, processing refunds and re-issuing tickets, communicating with the relevant parties if there are any concerns. Cathy also commented, “The RUOK calls from my state-based business partner manager during the pandemic were a lifesaver. It meant so much to know I had someone to talk to.”

Support & Protection As & When You Need it

TravelManagers support image

What TravelManagers provide is more than just a model from which to grow a business. The level of PTM satisfaction is high, thanks to TravelManagers’ Australia-wide focus on the individual and their goals. From accounts to IT to maintenance and across-the-business troubleshooting, help is at hand. There’s also assistance in marketing, operations, product, and supplier relations, leaving no business stone unturned.

TravelManagers also delivers Australia’s most comprehensive travel consumer protection program, affording its home-based PTMs peace of mind. It’s independently audited by an accredited chartered accounting firm and is further protected by a Trust Account Fidelity Risk Insurance policy. Moreover, its completely transparent and clearly articulated on TravelManagers’ consumer website and can be viewed here. Knowing your funds are secure – and your reputation protected – is a level of peace of mind that few others can offer.

Join TravelManagers Today

If you’re ready to create a better future for yourself and experience TravelManager’s specialist expertise, long-standing experience, and outstanding commitment to your travel advisor business and its growth, join TravelManagers today.

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