T-minus FOUR DAYS people! FOUR DAYS! It’s a one-hand countdown ’til Flight Centre’s Global Gathering kicks off in Vegas & rumours of celebrity guests are going wild!

That’s mostly thanks to us & our annual celebrity speculations list, which was released last week and included predictions such as the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera performing at Flight Centre Travel Group’s 2019 event.

Click here if you have no idea what we’re referring to. 

Since the story went wild across social media (Agents were, unsurprisingly, hyped over the idea of the world’s best ever female pop group making an appearance), rumours of who actually might be performing started spreading, many of which weren’t included in our original list.

So, we decided to put our ear to the ground, and compile a list of celebrity guests that may make an appearance at Flight Centre Global Gathering 2019 should rumours be factual.

Oh, and to all those saying that our predictions are never right, you’re wrong! Kylie Minogue was one of our picks for last year and it was correct.



Sustainability is high priority across the industry right now and who better to talk Flight Centre Travel Group’s team through the importance of being green than Captain Planet himself (or the man producing the new Captain Planet movie), Leonard DiCaprio.

Could he be one of the Flight Centre’s big surprises this week?



If it ain’t gonna be Cher then it better be Celine Dion!

The powerhouse artist with Titanic-sized vocals may have recently wrapped up her Las Vegas residency but she may still have one Sin City performance left in her and it may just be at Global.



It wouldn’t be the first time Flight Centre books an ex-White House resident.

Michelle Obama may be the political follow up to 2017’s President Clinton, and what an incredible follow up she’d be! Michelle is rumoured to host a talk on achieving success, the importance of work/life balance, and how to stay healthy on a busy schedule.



Okay, so we may have been a year early on predicting Calvin Harris for Berlin 2018 because rumour is, he’s booked for Vegas 2019.


Unfortunately, we can’t confirm this one but there’s a lot of talk that the DJ could have Agents dancing the night (and the feeling to the soles of their feet) away.


Who do you want to see at Global Gathering?