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Chimu Adventures Footsteps For Food Update: 1000km Walked, $20k Raised

Thanks to the determination and plain hard yakka of QLD BDM James McAlloon, Chimu Adventures 'Footsteps For food' fundraising walk is now 1,000 km into the 4,000 km journey with $20k already raised.

Thanks to the determination and plain hard yakka of QLD BDM James McAlloon, Chimu Adventures ‘Footsteps For food’ fundraising walk is now 1,000 km into the 4,000 km journey with $20k already raised.

On the 1st of July James McAlloon, Chimu Adventure’s Relationship Manager to Queensland set off from the Sunny Coast on a quest to raise funds for communities in Latin America stricken by the effects of COVID-19, due to the sudden lack of income.

His pledge was to cross Australia on foot and seek donations to do so.

REPEAT: James’s pledge was to cross the 4,000 km of Australia on foot and seek donations to do so along the way. What an absolute legend.

Just 24 days later, James has made it to Bourke and has already covered 1023 km of his approximately 4,000 km pledge and has close to $20k of his $30k fundraising goal already in the bank.

This has been achieved through a raffle draw and general donations. 

James McAlloon, Chimu Adventure’s Relationship Manager, Queensland

“When I decided to do undertake this walk, I thought that raising 30k would be hard. It’s a tough environment to fundraise in. The worst. But knowing full well that the communities that I once sent people to visit were now suffering incredibly because travellers had to stay home, I set my sights high. I can’t begin to tell you what it means to know that already we have helped close to 500 families. This is the global community at its best!”

Border restrictions remain an issue. With the ever-developing situation in Australia due to our own COVID 19 outbreak, what initially looked hopeful as a clear passage is now foggy. The South Australian border, once poised to open on the 20th of July, has remained closed to NSW and Western Australia shows no sign of opening as it once hinted. Crossing into South Australia will be met with two weeks of quarantine at the very least.

This is what the impact of walking 1000 km’s looks like on your feet – donate now!

“If I need to redirect, I will do exactly that, this whole journey is about footsteps, these obstacles I face are nothing in comparison to starvation.  Walking across Australia, thus far, has been nothing short of heart-warming, I have met the most incredible people in the middle of nowhere, locals have showered me with sandwiches, coffee and biscuits, offered me places to stay and kept me entertained with conversation.

The standout was on my walk to Brewarrina, I was given an emu egg to cook up for breakfast, one egg was enough for my entire meal. My love for Australia right now is about as big as it gets. I’m so proud to call this country home.”

Meanwhile, Greg Carter joined James in Bourke to celebrate his milestone. He spent 2 days with James to get a feel for life on the road and support him in his endeavour.

Greg Carter, Co-founder Chimu Adventures

Speaking about his experience on the road, Greg Carter said:

“While I walked a fraction of the distance James has pledged, I wanted to get a firsthand feel for what it is really like on the road, so the Back of Bourke seemed a fitting place to join him. My passion for Latin America runs deep, and we’re extremely proud of what James is doing. This week we sent our first donations out to South America, Medi Life Movement in Peru will be distributing food packages in on our behalf, while in Brazil, we are supporting Santa Marta Appeal & Project Hub who also offer care packages to those most in need.” Greg Carter Co-Founder of Chimu Adventures

“Last night we announced a new raffle where the lucky recipient will win a free berth on a trip to Antarctica in November next year. $40 dollars offers 10 entries and feeds a family for a week. With all kinds of breakthroughs on the horizon, we’re getting more and more excited about taking travellers once again to the most incredible place on earth.”

Greg Carter, Co-founder Chimu Adventures

How can you help? Get involved, donate and be on with a chance to win a trip to Antarctica!

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