It seems tourists can have a different idea of fun to the locals when travelling. A hilarious online discussion highlights the bizarre things tourists put themselves through in foreign countries.

It all began in the online forum Quora when someone asked: ‘What is a common form of torture that tourists subject themselves to in your country?’

Let’s just say the responses were GOLD!

The Australian Road Trip

Let’s start with the Aussie perspective on this. User Yiannis Papadopoulos questioned why visitors wanted to put themselves through the torture of an Australian road trip.

“People don’t realise that if you are not prepared, and your car breaks down on a deserted road (which most outback roads are), you WILL die.”

“It’s not a case of if, it’s a case of when. The only way you will survive is if a car in the far distance is along the same road as you and can help you.”

Wearing clogs in the Netherlands

Wietse Terpstra from The Netherlands said he was confused about why tourists insist on wearing hard wooden clogs while visiting his country.

“Ok, I know a lot of people who walk on these daily in the rural area where I live but I never managed to do so myself,” he said.

“When you are not used to walking on these they are very uncomfortable.” Not exactly ideal footwear for walking the streets of Amsterdam.

Eating snails in France

Frenchman Gugo Durad-Mermet said he couldn’t get his head around the fact the tourists seem to thing French people regularly eat snails.

They then think they’re living like locals by trying to down the slippery critters themselves.

“Croque monsieur, cassoulet or boeuf bourguignon are way more traditional French dishes, and furthermore when you see them, tell me you won’t be tempted to return your plate to the waiter and f**k off to the closest McDonalds”.

Being clueless about the sun

Sunburnt Tourist

Image: Reddit

João Mergulhão from Portugal said the most common form of torture he sees is tourists topping up their tans on the beach in the height of summer and becoming burned.

Joan Figuerola from Spain stepped in on this topic too to say he can’t believe people queue in the middle of the day to enter the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

“Standing at Sagrada Familia’s entry queue at 1pm under the scorching sun in Spain in the summer. It’s the closest to hell you’re going to get yet you’re about to enter the tallest church in the world that gets you the closest to heaven.”

Unprepared Hiking

Flip Flops thoongs tourist

Maja Burazin from Croatia wonders why time and time again tourists do no prepare themselves properly before going hiking in the mountains

“Hiking in flip flops. Without a cell phone. It’s so common here that even the mountain rescue team will probably murmur “We have another idiot today” when they find you lost and dehydrated two days later,” she said.

“Don’t do it – it’s dangerous and our mountains are rough.”