Whether you want to seize the day, or spend the day by the sea — Vanuatu has got you covered.

We all love that first moment on a holiday, where you can stop and snooze beside a perfect relaxing pool. But what if, by day two, you’re eager to explore?

With everything from volcano treks to shipwreck dives, Vanuatu is the ultimate destination for travellers who don’t want to choose between relaxation and adventure.

Discover all sorts of adventures in Vanuatu, a trip to the South Pacific destination will give you a fresh take on life. Real, life-changing adventures await you at every corner.

From jumping on a local bus and laughing along with locals or experiencing nature without the rules, Vanuatu is the perfect place to have a relaxing, adventure holiday!

Vanuatu has never been easier to get to, with direct flights with Air Vanuatu now offered from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Plus NF is making it’s easier to explore even more of Vanuatu with Tanna being only a short flight from Port Vila.


Matevulu Blue Hole, Santo

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To get you started, here are some of Vanuatu’s top adventure highlights — and how to get yourself on a mega-famil this November!


1. Wet and wild water adventures


Havannah Harbour, Efate

It’s no secret that Vanuatu is paradise for life beneath the palm trees — but one of Vanuatu’s best-kept secrets is the pristine life you’ll find in or under the water.

One of the most popular places for a splash is just out of Port Vila, where you can swim beneath the dramatic Mele Cascades Waterfall.

If you’re a real water bug, you can’t beat Espiritu Santo, an island dotted with undiscovered swimming holes. You can easily spend a full day off the beaten track, exploring pristine blue pools. Pick up a kayak and paddle to Ri Ri Blue Hole, where you can make like Tarzan and soar into the pools by rope swing.

And if you’re keen to get deeper? Just off the coast of Santo, you’ll find one of the most accessible — and spectacular — shipwreck dives in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles!


2. Hikes in rainforests, jungles, and epic volcanoes


Kayaking the back rivers of Santo

If you find yourself back on land and fancying a jaunt through the jungle, Port Vila has got the goods. Just a short drive out of town, you can tour the lush rainforest landscape in an off-road buggy — or see it all from a bird’s eye view, soaring 80 metres high on the Jungle Zipline.

For unforgettable eco-adventures off the beaten track, booking a tour with Vanuatu Ecotours is a must-do. From mountain biking and kayaking to chasing waterfalls, they have you covered to experience memorable Vanuatu moments.

If you’re looking for an extra thrill, head to Mount Yasur to see one of Vanuatu’s most impressive active volcanoes. After hiking to the top, you can peer over the mouth of the crater to the bubbling lava below.

Hot tip: go at sunset for a mesmerising fireworks display of magna shooting hundreds of metres into the night sky.


3. Explore local culture and traditions


Outer island village

There’s no question that Vanuatu’s sights will blow your mind, but it’s the people that will open your heart.

At the Mama’s Markets in Port Vila, drop in to explore handicrafts and meet the spirited community that makes Vanuatu famous for its kind, colourful culture. By night, head down to Ekasup Cultural Village to sip kava and have a laugh with the locals.

And for something truly unforgettable? Head for Pentecost Island to witness the exhilarating local tradition of ‘land jumping’, where boys take part in an original form of bungee jumping to mark their transition to manhood.



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