When you have one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in your country, other great destinations can get overlooked. But a new Peru Travel Training platform aims to fix that.

For a country, having a bucket-list item like Machu Picchu to visit can be a blessing and a curse: people will come, sure, but they often only see the big-ticket item then take off back home.

Peru promotional body PROMPERU wants you to get to know this South American country better and it is offering a great new e-learning platform, special prize packs and the ultimate Peruvian famil to help you better sell this mind-blowing destination full of ancient ruins and top-drawer modern dining.

Here are some of the most amazing, yet overlooked things about Peru.


Kuelap Fortress by Daniel Silva

Kuelap Fortress by Daniel Silva

In travel, we are always wondering “where next”, well this province in the Amazonas region of Peru has the “next Machu Picchu”, the Fortress of Kuelap. Also known as the Fortress of the Warriors of the Clouds – due to its unique position carved into a vertiginous cliff face ­– this relic has ornate stone walls, carved sarcophagi and is one of the largest stone monuments in the new world.

The city of Chachapoyas region also has great natural beauty within close proximity, with the Gocta waterfall sending waters tumbling down 771 metres.

World-beating cuisine

Food at Central restaurant

Food at Central restaurant

If you are a foodie traveller you cannot overlook the city of Lima. The Peruvian capital has been declared the World’s Best Food City by Bloomberg and it has three of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Top of your list of must-try local dishes has to be ceviche, fresh, raw seafood served with lime, chillies, red onion and herbs, or maybe you want to try some anticuchos – a street food delicacy consisting of shish kebab of beef heart, garlic and chilli.

Or try the fine dining at restaurants like Central, Maido or Gastrid y Gaston – which have appeared on the Best 50 list.

Moche Route

The city of Chan Chan by Walter Silvera

The city of Chan Chan by Walter Silvera

The history-rich Moche Route starts in the coastal town of Trujillo and takes in archaeological sites of the ancient Moche and Chimu civilisations. The Incas might get more column inches but the civilisations on the Moche Route pre-date the Incas and have incredible ruins like the Moche Temples of the Sun and Moon, the city of Chan Chan – the largest mud city in the world – and The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, holding the treasures of the Lord of Sipan.

Rich natural beauty

The Cañón del Colca by Gihan Tubbeh

The Cañón del Colca by Gihan Tubbeh

Peru also has a wealth of natural beauty from soaring mountains to ancient rivers that have carved their way through the rugged landscape. The Cordillera Blanca, or “White Mountain Range”, is home to Peru’s largest peaks and lush, tropical mountain ranges. At Colca Canyon, one of the deepest in the world, you will witness the raw power of the Majes River that the Incas believed flowed directly into the stars. More of a beach person? Hit the coastal town of Huanchaco, a popular beach spot that is believed to be where ancient surfing was invented.

And don’t forget the mighty Amazon, the most powerful river in South America, that winds through over half of Peru.

Learn and win a trip to Peru

For agents that want to learn more about this ancient and beautiful country, PROMPERU is offering some great incentives. Agents who complete all eight of the online badges in Peru Travel Training and submit their Ultimate 10-day Peru Itinerary will be in the running to win one of eight spots on the ultimate Peru famil trip where they can experience all of the above for themselves. This incentive will run from the launch date (5 February) until the end of July. Agents will be travelling in September/October.

In addition, the first 40 agents to complete the first four badges will receive a special Peru prize pack.

To be in the running head to Peru Travel Training and once you have completed all eight badges, submit your “Ultimate 10-day Peru Itinerary” to [email protected]

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