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Boost Your Mental Health, Have Fun & WIN Prizes In NCL’s Walking Challenge!

Supporting the mental health and well-being of our trade partners is easier than you think. Just sign up to NCL's Walk for Wellness Challenge, download the app and take that first step.

Supporting the mental health and well-being of our trade partners is easier than you think. Just sign up to NCL’s Walk for Wellness Challenge, download the app and take that first step.

No one saw this coming – it wasn’t even mentioned in the horoscopes. But COVID has come and thrown an unexpected spanner in the cogs of our great industry, and if there ever was a time for us all to band together as a unified and supportive travel agent collective, it’s now.

This year, a challenge? Boy, what an understatement. The pandemic has impacted us all. Our jobs, our travel plans, and, most importantly, our mental, emotional and physical health.

As many of us work from home and struggle with perpetual uncertainty, there’s no better time than now to take an active part in looking after our mental health and that of our brothers and sisters in the industry.

Step by step, we WILL get through this

NCL has recently launched an inspiring new initiative that directly addresses this call to arms.

It’s called ‘Walk for Wellness’, and its aim isn’t just to promote mental wellbeing and general wellness in the travel industry through a unique walking challenge.

It’s also there to provide a fun and interactive platform where agents (especially those WFH) can support each other through these unprecedented times, Together In Travel. Plus there’ll be lots of prizes to win, including fitbits and gift cards.

How does it work?

Norwegian Spirit
Norwegian Spirit, NCL’s newly-renovated ship coming to sail Australia and New Zealand for the first time from Dec 2021
  • Register for the challenge and NCL will send you info on how to download a cool little free app that’s been tailored specifically for the 3+ week challenge.
  • Then enlist a bunch of agent mates and other industry pals and go on a virtual walk around the world, clocking up steps and positively impacting your mental health along the way.
  • WIN epic prizes along the way with challenges each week
  • Do your part to make our industry better, stronger, and more emotionally resilient. Yes!

You can still travel…. virtually!

The ‘Walk for Wellness’ challenge is perhaps your only chance to “visit” some incredible landmarks this year, such as the Big Ben in London, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, or even Africa on a safari. Or, if you’re craving tropical vibes, why not “escape” to the Caribbean and walk around NCL’s private island Harvest Caye?

Whilst galavanting across the globe in ya runners, you’ll also learn some interesting factoids: token rewards for completing milestones and going the distance – look out next pub quiz!

And awesome beyond doubt is scoring some pretty nifty prizes, such as a brand-spanking-new Fitbit or nicely-loaded gift card, all by simply downloading the ‘Walk for Wellness’ app, taking part in the fun weekly challenges, and, of course, tying your laces.

Where do I sign up you say?

The ‘Walk for Wellness’ campaign is running from the 6th to 31st of October (which coincides with Mental Health Month and various other mental health initiatives during October), and already, hundreds of agents in Australia and New Zealand have signed up, downloaded the app and dusted off their running shoes.

In fact, the launch of the initiative last week was so overwhelmingly popular that 100 agents signed up within the first two hours, which bagged them all a nice t-shirt they can now proudly wear whilst completing the challenge – score!

But don’t worry, there is still time to register – registrations close on the 30th September.

Show your support!

If there’s one thing agents know better than most, it’s that we’re stronger as a team. We’re stronger when we support each other in the office and look after each other’s clients.

We can lift metaphorical mountains when we stand with each other, side-by-side, during what is undoubtedly the most challenging and trying set of circumstances any of us have ever faced in the industry.

With the ‘Walk for Wellness’ app in our hands, we can engage with other agents, many of whom are still doing it tough, and share a little laughter and fun. Together, we can collectively share the load and get through to the other side, better, happier and stronger – literally and figuratively.

To take part in NCL’s ‘Walk for Wellness’ campaign, simply register here by 30th September. You’ll then receive further details on how to get started, including where to download the app.

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