Calling all Travel Agents. This just in over the wire from the USA. United Airlines have some new AIR-mazing training up and available on their portal! Complete the training and you can jet away to the USA!

Did you already know that United Airlines was one of the founding members of the Star Alliance? Do you already know they were the first airline to fly the Boeing 777? Or that they were the first US Airline to use Biofuel?

Whether or not you know everything there is to know about United Airlines, if you feel like scoring yourself flights to one of their major hubs, head over to their training portal to level up.

The online training program is full of interesting information about United Airlines. The five modules cover everything from gateways United fly to, their unique features to their Polaris loyalty program.

The training modules can be completed on mobile devices and take about 5 minutes each to complete. This means on in about 25 minutes you can be learning some great skills AND be on your way to discovering the USA for yourself.


As if taking the time to learn some great information about one of the world’s major airlines, United Airline have sweetened the incentive by offering agents the change to win return flights for you and a mate to your choice of 3 USA hubs.

Watch the street performers at the Venice Boardwalk if you choose Los Angeles, discover tales and legends in the famed walls of Alcatraz if you choose San Fransisco or get out of this world and visit the Space Centre if you choose Houston.


Step one

Click HERE to access their training portal, sign yourself up to start the training and get learning.

Step two

You’re on the page, you’re registered, you’re most of the way there. Click on the modules, absorb all that juicy info, get some expertise, and pass all the tests. Simples!

Step three

Once you’ve completed the module, make sure you ENTER THE COMPETITION HERE to make sure you are in the running to win big. You just need to fill in your details and let us know in 25 words or less the most interesting fact you have learnt from the United Airlines Training. 


What’s in it for you?

Aside from potentially winning a flight to LA, San Francisco or Houston, you can start rolling in all them dollar dollar bills y’all.

United has one of the biggest networks of any US Carrier meaning more options for you, and more opportunities to show off your new found knowledge to friends, family and customers alike! Knowledge = Profit. Right?

The Particulars.

Make sure you act like an American at a Black Friday Sale, and GET IN QUICK.

The competition runs from 14 – 28 May, and to enter all your need to do is tell us in 25 words or less the most interesting fact you have learnt from the United Airlines Training.

So get to learning guys! And start planning that Holiday!




What USA hub would you pick if you won the United Airlines comp?

Written by bob Baddams, a KARRYON contributor

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