Yo, agents: Put your hand up if you’d like to win an expedition cruise for you and a mate to Antarctica or The Arctic on board the luxury MV Sea Spirit, valued at $30,000?

Ice ice baby, do do do do dodo do do. Ice ice baby, do do do do dodo do do.

Okay, so this notorious song probably won’t be running through your head when you’re making Chimu Adventure bookings to Antarctica or The Arctic left, right and centre.

Instead, you’ll probably be thinking, “Gee whiz, Chimu Adventures has really made selling these epic polar journeys incredibly easy!”

And why is that? – I hear you ask? Well, because it’s the truth!

Chimu Adventure’s Ice Ice Baby incentive is so ridiculously easy that even a child could explain it all to you.

Basically, all you need to do is book passengers on ANY vessel, on ANY voyage, for ANY departure on any of Chimu Adventures’s 200+ itineraries to these incredible parts of the world for a chance to WIN!

But things are even easier for you agents, because there are a couple of extra factors that make this incentive so incredibly attractive, like…



Tile_Experience The Arctic (3)

If the promise of getting a free trip to Antarctica or The Arctic worth 30,000 benjamins isn’t enough to entice you to put all your expedition cruises through Chimu, then the fact that you’ll earns tons of commish for every Antarctica or Arctic cruise you book definitely should.

Yep, polar bookings are amazing commission earners for agents, and even if you don’t end up winning, you’ll at least have a big fat commission cheque waiting for you at the end of the month!

As Australia’s largest polar specialist, your clients will get to choose amongst a HUGE variety of vessels to sail into these gorgeous snow and ice-covered worlds with Chimu Adventures, and if you’re the lucky winner of this incredible incentive, you’ll be able to do the same (departing by March 2019).



Tile_Experience The Arctic (1)

Let Chimu Adventures’s treasure trove of marketing and promotional material do all the selling for you.

Print out and show your clients some of the awesome promo flyers you can download here to pique their interest.

Watch their 30 minute On-Demand Intro to Polar Expedition Cruising webinar here.

Or just contact their team of destination specialists who have a wealth of first hand travel experience in Antarctica and the Arctic by dialling 1300 678 909. They’ll be able to help you find the right itinerary and vessel to suit your client’s needs.

Remember: As Australia’s largest polar specialists, you should book all your Antarctica and Arctic trips with Chimu, as you’ll be able to book the largest variety of itineraries and vessels.



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Every passenger you book gives you ONE entry, and the winner will be drawn at random. So the more pax you book, the better your chances at WINNING! The incentive period runs from 09 October 2017 to 09 December 2017.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for bonus point entries throughout the incentive period, stay in the know by heading to Chimu Adventure’s Agent Facebook Page, and ensure you’re subscribed to their Agent Newsletter here.

So are you ready to get your Ice Ice Baby on?!

Visit www.chimuadventures.com/en-au/iceicebaby for more information on this incredible incentive.

Antarctica or The Arctic? Where would you go? Tell us in the comments below…

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