We all wish we were him, or at least on the trip with him, but now we can live vicariously through Adam by following him on his incredible Star Alliance Round the World adventure


Star Alliance challenged travel agents to create an ‘Inspirational Journey’.  The itinerary needed to utilise Star Alliance’s global network and participants were encouraged to think outside the box. The ultimate prize – the itinerary turning into a reality valued at $11,000!



Adam won the judges over with his ‘Mountains Are Calling’ itinerary, drawing inspiration from his experience when living and working in Canada. Not only did his dream journey include  some of the most breathtaking places in the world, it included the best ski resorts too!

So even though we couldn’t all win this unforgettable experience (sigh), we can follow Adam and his partner Rebecca (did I mention he got a plus 1!) on their incredible mountain inspired journey.




No arguments from us, this is the real deal! So much culture, adventure and charm in the one itinerary. Check it out:

Sydney – Tokyo (Hakuba powder snow) – Istanbul (a trek through the lush mountains hugging the Black Sea and ballooning around Cappadocia) – Geneva (a drive through the Swiss Alps and views of the French Alps) – Oslo (Northern Lights)  – Reykjavik (Glaciers and the Aurora Borealis) – Denver (the US Rocky Mountains and National Parks) – Las Vegas (Because why not!) – San Fran (National Parks, Yosemite & Edlorado) – Brisbane 



Adam and Rebecca have boarded the plane and are ready for the trip of a life time. And let’s be honest, the one thing that’s better than a round the world trip, is a round the world trip that is free! Thanks to Star Alliance, we’ll be capturing their best moments as they wander, hike and ski between all corners of the globe.

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What would your Star Alliance round the world inspiring journey be?