Whether it’s knowing your SSRs from your OSIs, your Disneyland from your Disney World or the best way to back up after an industry night that’s lasted (much) later than planned, working as a travel advisor means it pays to be an expert.

The official USA travel trade training platform is giving away cash to reward expert agents. All you need to do is register and complete at least one of the seven new training badges to go in the draw.

With the launch of the USA Discovery program’s new “seven badge scoop” incentive this is even more literal than usual. If you’re keen to up your expertise in selling the 3rd most popular destination for Aussie travellers, it’s free to sign up and takes less than three minutes.

So what’s the new seven badge scoop incentive? For each of the new specialist training badges completed, you’ll earn an entry into the draw for $2,000 USD.

Finished learning about the Mall of America’s indoor theme parks? That’s one entry. Read where to send your clients for the best BBQ ribs in Chickasaw Country (hint- it’s Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Ranch)? That’s another, all the way up to seven chances to win. Other new badges include Minnesota, New Orleans, North Dakota, San Jose and South Dakota.


Even if you’re an expert advisor that’s been around long enough to remember paper tickets, Ansett and how to work a fax machine, there’s something for everyone. The training platform is easy to navigate, and divided into regions, states and categories like Big City Buzz, Road Trips and National Parks. You’ll know what to recommend and how to recommend it for each and every enquiry to the US of A.


The only thing you won’t know after completing the seven badge scoop incentive is how to spend your $2,000 USD. Maybe you’ll be expertly recovered and bouncing into the office with coffee and croissants for the whole team after the next extended industry night?

My bet is you’ll want to head straight to the United States to test out our new expert knowledge in person.

To sign up and get started on the 7 new badges to win, head to https://usadiscoveryprogram.com.au/




What would you spend $2000 USD on?

Written By Josh Cranston, a KARRYON contributor

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