Fifteen unmissable destinations to celebrate 15 amazing years of Etihad Airways. Travel agents from around the world are invited to the party and YOU could be one of them…

Every great milestone needs to be marked by one hell of a party, and this year Etihad Airways are doing just that in celebration of their 15th anniversary as one of the world’s leading airlines by offering return ticket prizes to your choice (yes, you get to choose!) of 15 totally wicked destinations.

You could win one of 15 amazing Etihad Airways return ticket prizes to your choice of 15 different destinations including a grand prize of 2 Business tickets to Abu Dhabi and two nights luxury accommodation.

Like the sound of that? Click here to enter the comp.

If you’re stuck on how best to celebrate in each of these 15 incredible destinations, we’ve done some of the hard work for you by serving up three unique suggestions for each city. Today, we think London is calling…




Live it up in London!


Image: Luca Micheli – Unsplash

If England is a human body, London is its vibrant, beating heart. There is no city on earth quite like it. In fact, a wise, anonymous (and let’s face it, probably English) person once said that “A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else”.

You’d be forgiven for thinking London is something of a living, breathing cliché. It’s a muse to artists and musicians, it’s a mecca for soul-searchers, it’s a history book, a fashion show, a lifestyle over and above itself. But these are the reasons that make it so wonderful, and so unique to the many other bustling, cosmopolitan cities around the world.

How to choose!

Luckily, Etihad Airways can get you there efficiently and in style aboard one of their luxurious Airbus A380s with 3 flights daily to London. It’s almost too easy!

With 15 years worth of award-winning service under their (seat)belts, Etihad Airways have got it spot on when it comes to creating a journey that is entirely personal to their customers.

This can range from your pick of luxury apartments in the sky all the way to Economy Space seating where you get to hand-pick your own added comforts (hello, extra leg room).

Etihad is all about giving you the chance to make your own journey.

So, what are you waiting for?

Have a browse of some of our favourite ways to celebrate with Etihad in London…


#1 Mooch around the Markets


If you’re a fan of Richard Curtis films, in all their British glory, then Portobello Road market is the place for you. This gorgeous stretch of Notting Hill is famed for it’s exotic antiques, tiny trinkets and classic books.

You’d be excused for stopping momentarily at a stall, only to return home hours later, battle-bruised and with your arms full of treasures you never knew you didn’t need (No? Just me?). The intoxicating atmosphere of this rainbow road has proven enough to draw anyone in.

Whilst you’re in the area, why not pay a visit to one of the many antique shops that line the streets? Alice’s Antiques shop is hard to miss with its doorway overflowing with gifts and its vibrant red shop-front, and you’ll be guaranteed to find a souvenir to remind you of your amazing trip to London town.


#2 Food, Glorious Food


London is one of the few cities on earth that maintains it’s very ‘British’ quirks whilst simultaneously embracing a multicultural identity with open arms. How awesome is that?

The city is famed for being a melting-pot of different cultures and ethnicities, and this wonderful fact results in a culture of food that matches. You can skip from Borough to Borough sampling a taste from each corner of the world, and go home totally full and satisfied.

There’s the best of British cuisine too – fancy a plate of fish and chips? Bangers and mash? A humble chip butty, even? Just nip into the nearest pub (which, by my estimation, will probably never be further than 10 feet from where you’re standing) and order away.

If you fancy a truly British treat, pop into The Scarsdale Arms, tucked away in a corner of the affluent Royal Borough of Kensington. With friendly locals, delicious food, and an impressive sample of British larger and ale, this place is an unsung British masterpiece.


#3 Walk the walk…


Luigi Manga – Unsplash

One of the true marvels of London is the fact that, within one day alone, you can say you’ve gawked at the beauty of Buckingham Palace, peered into the many shop windows of Oxford Circus, been captivated by a show on Shaftesbury Avenue and still have time to spare.

London might be large, but so many of this city’s most wonderful attractions all reside as neighbours to one another, no matter what side of the river you find yourself on.

Walking might not seem like an overly unique activity, but it certainly is the best way to experience London, because you’ll be amazed at how much you do and see in a day spent exploring by foot.

And to reward yourself for all that exercise, it seems only fitting to treat yourself to a nice cup of tea (the ONLY hot beverage to have in London, forget the coffee) and a scone at Fortnum and Mason’s on London’s famous Piccadilly Circus. It might even be worth planning your route around this spot, just to be safe.

Get ready to enjoy that Waterloo Sunset with your own eyes, as well as ears…



Or perhaps any of the other 15 amazing destinations?  Etihad wants YOU to join the global party for their 15-year celebrations.

Etihad wants YOU to join the global party for their 15-year celebrations.

You could win one of 15 amazing Etihad Airways return ticket prizes to your choice of 15 different destinations including a grand prize of 2 Business Class tickets to Abu Dhabi and two nights luxury accommodation.


You don’t need to blow out any birthday candles to have your travel wishes come true. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning a return flight to your choice of destination is…



Plus you can enter multiple times – so the more you sell, the more chances to win!




HURRY! Competition ends 28 November 2018.


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